Target iPhone Trade-in Program – What You Need to Know

Target StoreTarget is one of the biggest retailers in the United States. With 1,871 locations around the country, chances are there’s one in your neighborhood. Shoppers love Target for its great prices, quality products, and it’s slightly upmarket feel compared to its competitors. The Target Trade in Program was introduced in 2016 and makes it pretty easy for you to get cash for your old iPhone. Read on to learn more about the program and how it ranks among your other options in this guide.

The Target iPhone Trade-in Program

With Target’s trade-in program, you can get value for more than just your old iPhone, but a host of other electronics including tablets, consoles, wearables, and voice speakers. The program is easy to use and you can get a price quote in just a few minutes. After you receive your quote, you simply print off a free shipping label and send it off to Target for a no-risk evaluation process. 

After this, Target gives the option of a Target Gift Card or an instant Paypal deposit. The whole process is generally simple and can be completed within a week depending on where you live.

How Do You Use the Target iPhone Trade in Program?

Simply head on over to the trade-in section of Target’s website. From here, you select your iPhone model and then storage capacity. Next, answer a few questions. Unlike other trade in programs, Target only offers two selections: working or not working. To be classified as working it must meet all of these conditions:

After this, you generate the quote and click accept and Target will email you a free shipping label. You should have either a Paypal deposit in a week or a Target gift card within 1-2 weeks.

The Target iPhone Trade-in Program Vs Other Retailers

Overall, Target’s iPhone trade-in program is easy to use and convenient. Also unlike other major retailers like Best Buy and Amazon, it offers you either in-store credit or cash. On the other hand, however, Target offers much lower buyback prices. For example, for the exact same iPhone XS Max, 64 GB, Target’s price is $431.97 compared to Best Buy’s $550 estimated value.

Target Trade-in ValueBest Buy Trade-in Value

This is consistent across the board for all used iPhone. And when you consider that retailers like Gamestop also offer cash for used phones, using Target’s trade-in program simply doesn’t seem worth it.

Target iPhone Trade-in Program vs. Carrier Upgrades

Compared to carrier upgrade programs, Target’s program may be a better option. What you get with Target unlike a telecom carrier upgrade is you can sell your phone without signing up for a new contract. Overall, it’s hassle-free and can be done quickly and conveniently. However, once again, you do have the problem of Target’s lower buyback value. If you haven’t completely paid off your phone already, then it’s very likely the money you get for it won’t even be enough to pay the device fee. In addition, carriers at least offer incentives such as free phones with upgrades and discounted rate plans. 

The bottom line is if you have the option for an attractive new phone plan and a discounted/free new iPhone, you’re probably better off taking it than using the Target iPhone Trade-in program.

Target iPhone Trade-in Program vs. Buyback Programs

Simply put, Buyback programs like Buyback Boss are a much better option for you to sell your used iPhone. You get the same convenience of Target’s program with instant quotes and free shipping except for a much higher resale price. For example, with Buyback Boss for the same 64 GB iPhone XS Max, you can get an offer of $550 and get paid directly in cash (unlike store credit with Best Buy).

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Buyback Boss iPhone Value Moreover, Target only gives you two options: working or not working. With Buyback Boss, you can select from six different options including if your iPhone is damaged or broken. That can be a difference of hundreds of dollars depending on your iPhone model. 

What’s more is Buyback Boss offers the highest price guaranteed so if another retailer offers a higher price, you can email Buyback Boss who will adjust their price accordingly. It’s a total win-win for you. You get the best offer on your phone with all the convenience you need to make selling your phone a piece of cake.

Overall: You Can Do Better than Target’s iPhone Trade-in Program

iPhone with Cash The bottom line is that while Target is a great retailer, their electronic buyback program definitely isn’t the best. When you compare Target to other retailers, cellular providers, or buyback programs, it just doesn’t stack up to the competition. With one of the lowest trade-in values amongst competitors, you can do much better by selling your phone elsewhere. 

That’s why you should go with the unbeatable convenience and best resale value of Buyback Boss. Buyback Boss’s service is quick and easy to use giving you the most money for your used iPhone. Best of all, you get cash directly deposited in your Paypal account or by check in the mail making selling your phone as easy as 1-2-3. Click here to see just how much you can get for your old iPhone. 

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