Best Ways to Sell Broken iPhones!

Looking to sell a broken iPhone? Look no further! Here is your ultimate guide. Whether you’re looking to sell an iPhone 6 or 7 or an older model, we’ve got you covered

Anyone who has broken their iPhone knows that feeling of dread. The iPhone slipped out of your hand or was knocked off the table, resulting in a pulverized screen. You realized after jumping into the pool that your iPhone was still in your pocket and you’re stuck anxiously waiting to see if it will power back on. As powerful as these devices are and with significant improvements to their hardware, they are still surprisingly easy to break! The most common ways for an iPhone to break are a cracked screen, water damage, and a broken LCD screen. But just because your device is broken, doesn’t mean it has lost it’s value. As easy as it is to break an iPhone, it may be even easier to sell your broken iPhone!

Sell a Cracked iPhone

Certainly, the most common way to break an iPhone, almost everyone has experienced a cracked screen on one of their iPhones. For those brave individuals who choose to go case-less, it is even more likely that the screen on their iPhone will meet an untimely end. The amount of force required to crack the screen on newer models of iPhones is quite large. The iPhone 6 and on have an “ion-strengthened” glass screen which has made it a much sturdier piece of hardware. Often an iPhone with a cracked screen is still fully functional, but be careful using the 3D touch feature so you don’t potentially damage the LCD. The hardware on iPhones is getting stronger and stronger with each model, but they can still only withstand so much!

Sell Cracked iPhone

Sell an iPhone with Water Damage

Probably the most frustrating way to break an iPhone is water damage. It can be so easy to forget to take your iPhone out of your pocket before diving in the pool or get a little too adventurous taking selfies at the beach. Often the device does not have any visible damage and it can be very tempting to turn the device back on to see if 1) it does still power on 2) if there is any damage to the LCD. The old “place your water-logged iPhone in a bowl of rice” is often a last-ditch effort to salvage your device. The home button on newer models of iPhone is not a physical push button, it relies on capacitive sensing (e.g. skin contact) which makes this part of your iPhone even more susceptible to water damage.

Apple has even included a “water damage detector” inside the newer models of iPhones. It’s a small component that will change colors if exposed to enough moisture (This is how Apple technicians can tell if your device has sustained water damage, so it’s best to be honest!). However, the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are rated as dust and water resistant. So an accidental drop in the pool won’t destroy your device, but you certainly won’t be taking it scuba diving. Unless you are willing to shell out nearly $100 for a waterproof case, you should be very careful with your iPhone around the pool, during days at the beach, and the most unfortunate location of all…the bathroom.

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Water Damaged iPhone

Sell an iPhone with a Bad LCD

There is a good chance that even if you’ve cracked the screen on your iPhone, the LCD touchscreen will still be fully functional. The glass screen and the LCD are two separate components within the iPhone, so cracking your screen doesn’t necessarily mean you have broken your LCD. Unfortunately, exposure to water (or any liquid) is much more likely to damage the LCD on your iPhone. You’ll be able to tell if you have broken your LCD because it will have visible damage (see below) or it will no longer be responsive to touch.

Broken iPhone with Bad LCD

How to Sell Your Broken iPhone

It’s very disappointing to break an iPhone, especially if it’s completely unusable after being damaged. But remember just because your iPhone is completely dead, does not mean it has lost all of it’s value! You can still get quite a bit of money for your broken iPhone online, we suggest checking out our definitive guide for selling your iPhone to see how you can maximize the value of your broken iPhone!

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