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Sell Google Pixel

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Sell Google Pixel

Sell Your Google Pixel via a Buyback Program

Google is a multi-faceted tech giant. And they’re only growing bigger and bigger. Their recent venture back into developing smartphones started with the Pixel and its popularity has ballooned since its first-generation iteration was launched back in 2016.

Since then, tech-savvy consumers eagerly await each new version just like they do at each Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy launch. It’s no secret that companies come out with better and better hardware every year. Not to mention, the newest and greatest features oftentimes aren’t compatible or run slowly on older models. It stands to reason that you’d want to upgrade your old Pixel for a new one. That’s why you should sell your last generation Google Pixel via a buyback program to earn some cash when you get a new phone.

Google Pixel Buyback Program FAQ

We’ve all heard of trade-in programs, also known as “buyback programs”. But some of us are reluctant to look further due to some assumptions we’ve made about the process of trading in a phone for cash. Let’s clear the air with answers to frequently asked questions.

Are Buyback Programs Competitive?

Buyback programs are found all over the place. Many cellphone carriers and even tech giants like Apple and Samsung have them. A saturated market benefits you, the consumer because competition among these programs is fierce. Expect to shop around a bit to get the most value for your Google Pixel, but expect to find competitive rates when you do.

Can’t I Just Sell My Phone Myself?

Selling your smartphone can be a frustrating process. Between scammers, bots, and no-shows, you’ll be hard-pressed finding an actual buyer that will pay a reasonable amount for your Google Pixel. Not to mention, safety is always a concern when conducting in-person sales. Who wants to deal with all that when your Google Pixel will translate to easy cash via a buyback program?

How Long Does It Take to Get Money?

Buyback programs will vary in the length of time that it takes to process your trade-in. However, more credible programs like Gazelle or Buyback Boss have the manpower and algorithms needed to quickly process your trade-in. After you’ve shipped your Google Pixel out, you can usually expect to receive money in just a few days after the package has been delivered. And the receipt of money is pretty much instant.

Won’t They Bait and Switch Me?

It’s a common concern that a buyback program will give you a specific offer only to change the offer once they’ve received the phone. Do you go through the trouble of asking for your phone back or do you just give in and take the money they’re offering? Some programs may be unscrupulous, but a longstanding program like Buyback Boss will give you exactly what it says it will. Just ensure, when you fill out their questionnaire to get an instant offer, that you are truthful and accurate about the condition of your phone.

What do I Need to Send?

All you need to ship out is your physical phone. Any SIM cards, chargers, or miscellaneous accessories can stay with you. You may want to try and sell those elsewhere or even donate them to a worthy cause—there are plenty of people out there with old Google Pixels that could use a cheap charging cord or phone case.

The Benefits of a Buyback Programs

We all have a junk drawer at home—that solitary drawer in the kitchen or living room that seems to collect every single thing we no longer use but refuse to get rid of. It’s usually filled with spare HDMI cords, every charging cord for every device we’ve ever used in our lives, and a myriad of random remote controls from past and present televisions. But the last thing you want sitting in that drawer is your Google Pixel, no matter how old or outdated you think it is.

Instead of letting it sit, you need to get some cash for it, and the easiest way to do that is using a buyback program. And if you’re the kind of person that’s always upgrading, then buyback programs are the easiest way for you to subsidize your smartphone addiction. Buyback programs have clear benefits over letting your phone sit around or even trying to sell it yourself.


Declutter Your Life & Get Paid for It

In one week you can go from having your Google Pixel collecting dust to having it make you a couple hundred dollars’ cash from a buyback program. Try selling your phone on Craigslist and see how easy that process is. Don’t let your old technology sit around—make it work for you and get rid of it at the same time.


Credible Programs Will Recycle Your Broken Phone

A lot of programs will recycle any pieces of your Google Pixel that they can’t refurbish. So even if your phone was run over by a car, it’s worth getting a few extra dollars out of it and ensuring that its components are ethically recycled—the lithium in a phone battery can be terrible for the environment if it’s not disposed of properly. Buyback programs are an environmentally conscious method of disposing of old phones.


“Upgrade” Your Phone Early

Who wants to wait the 2+ years necessary before your eligible to upgrade with an iPhone upgrade program? That is typically when they’ll offer you promotions and discounts. And if you decide you want a new phone sooner, expect to pay full retail price and then some. With buyback programs, you get cash in hand that you can put towards any phone at any time. There’s no waiting when it comes to trade-ins.


Sell Your Google Pixel While It’s Hot

Waiting to upgrade and subsequently trade-in your smartphone will lead you to miss the opportunity to sell your current phone at its peak value. The truth is, smartphones devalue quickly and will take a nosedive as soon as the newest, greatest thing comes out to replace them. Sell your phone when it’s convenient and when it’s most opportune. Don’t wait for the ship to sail.

Ready to Sell Your Google Pixel?

If you’re the old fashioned type and still sport a Nokia flip phone, then by all means—don’t take advantage of buyback programs. But if you’re like everyone else, and the itch to upgrade your phone seems to come sooner and sooner with each new iteration, then you need to participate in buyback programs to get the most out of your technology habit. Phones aren’t cheap, so you need to do everything you can to minimize the impact on your wallet! Buyback programs are fast, straightforward cash for something you’re no longer using—what are you waiting for?