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There’s no telling the kind of fun you can have playing your favorite HD game on your Xbox 360 with friends or family. It’s a great game to have in your home, especially if you want something to cool off after a hard day’s job. But like everything else, it could develop faults or become too old and jaded. This is why it makes a whole lot of sense to sell it to a reputable buyback program for some fast cash. At least, you get to have some value or put the money to some great use. How’s this possible? When you sell your Xbox 360 to Buyback Boss, you will get the best cash offer without any trouble at all

It is easy and quick. Use the Buyback Boss website to provide information on a form detailing the condition and specifications of your Xbox 360, and receive a very fast quote!

Like the offer you got? Nice! We will pay you immediately. And if your Xbox 360 isn’t the only used device you have, you can add them up, and we will pay you even more for them!

Xbox 360

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How to Sell Your Xbox 360


Get a Custom Cash Offer

What are the specifications and the current cosmetic condition of your device? Kindly state those details in our online form and receive a very fast custom cash offer from us.


Ship Your Xbox 360

After receiving the custom cash offer, shipping your Xbox 360 to us is the easiest part yet. What’s more, it’s totally free! You also get an online tracking number, so you know where your Xbox 360 is at all times.


Get Paid

We will take a look at your Xbox 360 before finally sealing the trade-in by sending your cash via Check or PayPal.

Why Sell to Buyback Boss?


Highest Payouts Guaranteed

Get the best value in cash for your gaming console when you sell it to Buyback Boss. We will go all the way to meet and exceed your price expectations.

We will also match our competitor’s pricing for your device. Send us a valid claim via email, and we will update your offer.


No Bait and Switch Offers

We won’t stoop that low! And with a guaranteed 14-day price lock, your offer won’t switch.


Very Fast Online Offers

Our custom cash offers are way too fast for any device you want to sell!


Unbeatable Support Team

It always helps to have a support team listen or attend to any of your potential issues. We’ve got you covered all day long!


Speedy Payouts

Whether you use Checks or PayPal, cash for your Xbox 360 comes in speedily!


Trusted by Over 50,000 Customers

Trust is an important factor in any buyback program. We take things seriously, hence the huge number of customers that depend on us for a trustworthy transaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is my Xbox 360 worth?

At Buyback Boss, it is our custom to evaluate your device based on some factors, including the specifications, current cosmetic condition, and specific model, before we give you a price quote. Usually, we will require you to provide us with these details while filling out an online form that is specifically made for your device.

You will get the best cash offer if your device is new and in excellent condition. Owners of used, old, and broken gaming consoles will also get a good custom cash offer when they patronize our buyback program.

Can I sell a broken Xbox 360?

Yes! Your Xbox 360 could be broken, very old, or at worst badly damaged. We’ll buy it regardless.

Is a buyback program the best platform to trade-in my Xbox 360?

Of course, we will be a bit biased here, but that is only because we want what is best for you. As such, it is our opinion that a buyback program like Buyback Boss is the best place to receive the best monetary value for your Xbox 360.

You can complete the entire trade-in process without breaking a sweat, right from your living room. You also hey to avoid all the hassle, safety risk, and outrageous charges that are common with many classified sites.

How does the Xbox 360 trade-in program work?

Your Xbox 360 trade-in is very easy. For us, it starts when you give us details that best describes your Xbox 360 on an online form we provide. A very fast custom cash offer is next, and if you accept, ship your device to us. Attach a prepaid shipping label to a package with your Xbox 360 and send it for free. We will inspect it and send your money as soon as possible!

How will I get paid for my Xbox 360?

There are two easy options for our customers – PayPal or Check.

Am I obligated to sell my Xbox 360 if I get a custom cash offer?

Not under our watch! You are not mandated to sell to us if you are not sure it’s the right decision at that point, even if we send you a price quote. But to lock in your offer, follow our easy checkout process.