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Got a stack of old LG phones in your junk drawer? You can sell it to our buyback program for some quick cash. Here at Buyback Boss, our trade-in process is fast and easy, and you can sell literally any type of LG phone regardless of their state or condition.

Just log on to our website and select the specific model you are looking to sell from the list. In a few easy steps, proceed to specify the details of your LG phone in an online form that will be provided to you and receive a custom price quote. The rest is easy from there!

Now, you can get the best price for your phone without involving a third-party. You don’t even have to create a bogus listing or bear the shipping costs at all. Whenever you trade-in your device with Buyback Boss, everything is simple, fast, and secure.

LG Phone

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How to Sell Your LG Phone


Get a Quote

After selecting your device model from the list of phones available on our webpage, carefully choose the options that best represent the specifications and conditions of your phone in an online form that will be presented to you. Shortly afterward, we will send you a custom price quote.


Send Your LG Phone Over to Us

What next after getting a price quote? Accept it and ship your device over to us. You don’t have to bother about the shipping costs and other transaction fees because Buyback Boss will bear it all. Once you complete your checkout process, you will be eligible to print our prepaid shipping label and send in your phone for free. We will even provide you with an online tracking number that will enable you to keep a close tab on your phone while in transit.


Get Paid

And here comes the part that you have been waiting for, right after we have your device here with us, we will issue your payout via Check or PayPal.

Why Sell to Buyback Boss?


Highest Payouts Guaranteed

Here at Buyback Boss, we will offer you the best price for your LG phone and even match a better offer from our competitors, if there’s any. Just send us an email, and we will make you an improved offer.


14-Day Price Lock

As soon as you complete your order process, you will qualify for our price lock guarantee. This implies that you can lock-in your cash offer for two weeks, as you get set to ship your phone or move your important files to a replacement device.


Unbeatable Customer Service

Our solid customer support team is always on deck to help you iron out any issue that may come across your way before, during, or even after you are through with your order process.


100% Free Shipping

Sell your LG phone to our buyback program and get your payout exactly as agreed at the point of sale. We will not remove a dime to cover the shipping fees and other additional charges.


Speedy Payouts

All things being equal, we will not waste an extra minute before sending you your money as soon we receive and verify the condition of your LG phone.


Safe and Secure

Trade-in your phone with confidence and receive your money without any stress at all. Our buyback program is 100% safe and secure, so you can join the league of our numerous customers to patronize our service, and you will never regret you did.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is my LG Phone worth?

Buyback Boss has a risk-free evaluation process, where we require you to list out the details of your LG phone in an online form. Ultimately, we will consider these details, which include but not limited to the current market value, specifications, and cosmetic condition of your device, before telling you the actual worth of your phone.

New devices will most likely get the best price, but you will also get a good processor for your old and used devices.

Can I sell a broken LG Phone?

Why not? It doesn’t matter if your LG phone is cracked, faulty, or totally broken, it still means a lot to us. You can always sell it to our buyback program whenever you want, and we will always buy it from you.

Is a buyback program the best place to sell my LG Phone?

Based on our experience, not just as a leading buyback program but also as a vastly experienced firm in the business, you will have more reasons to sell your LG phone to a buyback program than anywhere else.

When you choose to trade-in your LG phone with a buyback program, you avoid dealing directly with buyers or creating a bogus listing or any listing for your device. Also, you can enjoy the free shipping service available on most buyback programs that will help you get the most cash for your device.

How does the LG Phone trade-in program work?

The trade-in program for your LG phone follows exactly the same simple and superfast pattern as every other trade-in program here at Buyback Boss.

When we say simple, it is easy to supply your device’s information in an online form to get a custom quote, accept our cash offer, and complete our checkout process within a few steps.

There’s nothing left than to send your LG phone to us for free and receive your money ASAP!

How do I get paid for my LG Phone?

You can select between the Check or PayPal payment method, as we process all payments through these mediums.

Do I have to sell my LG Phone if I get a quote?

If you are having second thoughts about selling your LG phone, you are free to take your time and weigh your options carefully.

Buyback Boss will never rush or force you into selling your phone online, even if we send you a cash offer. However, our 14-day price lock guarantee is only available for anybody who completes our checkout process.