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How do I get a quote?

Start by selecting the model of your device, followed by the carrier, storage size, and, condition the phone is in.

Do you offer a price lock guarantee?

Yes, all prices are valid for 14 days after your order is placed. If your device is received more than 14 days after the order is placed, it will be subject to a re-quote.

How do I sell multiple phones?

You can use the “Add Another Device” button which can be found in the cart, the page when you receive your offer amount, or the checkout page.

Am I obligated to sell if I get a quote?

No, we will return the device to you if you wish at any point during the process. Return shipping is 100 percent free.


How do I figure out my iPhone model?

The first option is to use the iPhone’s distinct serial number. Each iPhone model has a set of unique serial numbers given to separate it from every other model. In order to find this serial number, here are a few simple steps you can follow.

If your iPhone is fully functional: Go into Settings > General > About > scroll down to Serial Number. Type the serial number listed into Google to determine your type of device.

If the device is not fully functional: On the back of every iPhone there is a section that says “Model” followed by the letter “A” with 4 consecutive numbers.

Here is a quick list of the model numbers:

A1732 – iPhone SE (Sprint)
A1662 – iPhone SE (ATT, T-Mobile, VERIZON)
A1634 – iPhone 6S+ (All Carriers)
A1633 – iPhone 6S (All Carriers)
A1524 – iPhone 6 Plus (Sprint)
A1522 – iPhone 6 Plus (ATT, T-Mobile, Verizon)
A1586 – iPhone 6 (Sprint)
A1549 – iPhone 6 (ATT, Verizon, T-Mobile)
A1533, A1457, A1530 – iPhone 5S (ATT, T-Mobile)
A1533, A1453 – iPhone 5S (Verizon, Sprint)
A1532, A1507, A1529 – iPhone 5C (ATT. T-Mobile)
A1532, A1456 – iPhone 5C (Verizon, Sprint)
A1428 – iPhone 5 (AT&T, T-Mobile)
A1429 – iPhone 5 (Verizon, Sprint)
A1387 – iPhone 4S (All Carriers)
A1349 – iPhone 4 (Verizon, Sprint)
A1332 – iPhone 4 (ATT, T-Mobile)

How do I figure out my storage size?

On your device, tap Settings > General > About > Capacity

The Capacity number will not be the exact amount of storage as each device comes standard with some apps already on the device.

Example: A capacity of 55.4GB means it is a 64GB device.

Do I need to remove my SIM Card?

You do not need to remove your SIM card as it will be removed during the testing process. However, if you would like to remove your SIM card (located in the tray on the right side of your device), insert either a SIM card remover tool or paper clip. Insert into the hole located on the side of the device and push. The tray will pop out and you can take the SIM card out.

Do I need to clear the data on my iPhone?

Yes, please fully erase your device before sending it in. To erase all data, do the following:
Go to Setting > General > Reset > Erase all content and settings.

If your device does not turn on or has significant damage preventing you from following the above instructions, please visit to follow instructions on how to remotely erase your account.

How do I remove the iCloud account from my device?

1. Sign in to with your Apple ID (the one you use with iCloud). If you’re using another iCloud app, click the app’s name at the top of the window, then click “Find My iPhone”.

2. Click All Devices, then select the device.

3. Click “Erase Device”, then enter your Apple ID password. Because the device is not lost, do not enter a phone number or message. If the device is offline, the remote erase begins the next time it’s online. You will receive an email when the device is erased.

4. When the device is erased, click “Remove from Account.”

If you are unable to remove the iCloud account from your device, the device will be re-quoted under our “Broken” category, as it cannot be activated by another user. If you are having trouble removing your iCloud account, please email and one of our processing technicians will be able to assist you.


Do I pay for shipping?

No, all shipping is 100 percent free!.

What are my shipping options?

When you place your order, we send you a shipping label via email. Shipping is 100% free! Simply place the shipping label on the box you use to send in your phone.

How can I see the status of my order?

Use the “Track Your Device” link located on our Home page. Enter your email or order number and your complete order details will appear.

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