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Get some cool cash for your old Xbox and enjoy the best buyback services when you trade-in your device with Buyback Boss. Even if you own the latest model, and you are looking to sell it online for top dollar, Buyback Boss will make you an irresistible offer.

Why are we so sure of this? We offer the best buyback program in the business. And we have mastered the art of providing all our esteemed customers with an exceptional trade-in experience from start to finish.

What’s more? Even if you have a broken or dysfunctional model lying fallow in your home, we will buy it for a fair price, as we welcome all devices regardless of their status and condition.

Just spell out the specific model, specifications, and condition of your Xbox in a form, and we will make you a custom offer. If the offer intrigues you, we will walk you through the remaining steps and help you with everything you need to get the highest monetary value for your Xbox. There is no need for listing your device for sale or setting up meetings with strangers online. You will not even have to pay a dime for shipping as we bear it all. To crown it all, you can get more money on your old, unwanted consoles and mobile devices when you sell them to us in a single order.          


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How to Sell Your Xbox


Get a Custom Offer on Your Xbox

We have made it simple to get the best price for your new, old, and broken Xbox console. Once you answer a few quick questions about the specifications and conditions of your Xbox in a form, we will give you a custom quote.


Send in Your Xbox

If you like and choose to accept our price quote, complete the checkout process, and get ready to send in your Xbox. Fortunately, we will take care of all the shipping costs, so you can rest assured that you are getting full payment for your device after everything is said and done. We only require that you print out your prepaid shipping label and attach it to your shipping box. You will be assigned an online tracking number to help track the location of your device in real-time.


Get Full Payment via Check or PayPal

Once we receive and verify the specs and conditions of your Xbox to be just as described previously, we will process your payment immediately. We will send your money to you via Check or PayPal.

Why Sell to Buyback Boss?


Highest Payouts in the Industry

At Buyback Boss, we are committed not only to create an exceptional trade-in experience for you but also offer you the best rate while at it. Our prices are second to none, so much that we match a better price from any competitor. Once you find one, reach out to us via email us directly, and we will update your offer.


14-Day Price Lock

Not in a hurry to sell? Or you probably need a couple or more days to back up your favorite games and prepare your Xbox for shipping? Thanks to our 14-day price lock guarantee, you will get exactly the same offer at the point of sale over a period of two weeks. No bait and switch – what you see is what you get.


Reliable Customer Service

We understand that you may need a helping hand walking through our buyback program, especially if you are a new customer. And our customer support team is on the ground to assist you every step of the way. Whatever your request, question, and complaint are, you can rest assured that they will not pose a problem for our support team. Just reach out to us, and we will be right here to attend to you.


100% Free Shipping

Unlike some classified websites and online marketplaces that charge for shipping your device or creating a listing, Buyback Boss offers full payouts for every completed trade-in transaction. We cover all shipping costs, and we will not request or charge a dime before, during, or after your order.


Quick Payment

Chances are, you are looking to sell your Xbox online because you need fast cash. And we are here to give you the best price without any form of delay. Buyback Boss offers some of the fastest payments in the industry to ensure that we process all payments swiftly and promptly.


Safe and Secure

There are no safety and security concerns when you sell your Xbox console to Buyback Boss. We run a highly-secure buyback program, and our customers have trusted us with over 50,000 orders and still counting!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is my Xbox worth?

Usually, there are a few criteria that determine the price of every device on our platform, including your Xbox. These criteria include the cosmetic condition, specific model, and the capacity of your device. Xbox consoles that are in a mint condition will attract better payout than older models. Regardless, you will be getting the best price for all when you trade-in with Buyback Boss. We offer a simple and superfast buyback program that makes the entire trade-in process super easy. Just give a brief description of your Xbox in a form, and we will provide you with a custom quote.

Can I sell a broken Xbox?

Absolutely! It doesn’t matter if your Xbox is new, old, dysfunctional, or completely broken, once you are ready to sell, we will buy it from you.

Is a buyback program the best place to sell my Xbox?

As far as we are concerned, buyback programs stand tall among their equals when it comes to selling new, used, and broken devices online. When you sell your Xbox to a buyback program, you save yourself the stress of creating or paying for listings, meeting up with buyers, or paying for shipping. Buyback programs are fast, easy, and convenient.

How does the Xbox trade-in program work?

To get started, visit our website at to select your device from the list. Then input the specific details of your Xbox in the form provided to get a custom offer. If you are happy with the offer, accept it and proceed to checkout and ship your device.

You need to print out a custom shipping label for your Xbox and paste it on your packaging box to enable us to bear the shipping costs. Once your device is in our custody, we will inspect it and send your money over.

How do I get paid for my Xbox?

You will have the option to get your money either by Check or PayPal.

Do I have to sell my Xbox if I get a quote?

Not at all! The decision to sell your Xbox is in your hands, as you can opt out of the deal even if you have received a custom price quote. However, you should have it in mind that you can only be eligible for our price lock guarantee if you complete the checkout process.