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Ready to sell your iPhone for top dollar? Get an instant quote online. We’ll beat the price of any competitors and cover all shipping costs.

Which iPhone Models Can I Sell?

You can sell almost any iPhone model you’d like through Buyback Boss. We buy any model from iPhone 5 and higher. You can sell older model phones as well as newer models like the iPhone X and iPhone XS. Below are some quick links to the most popular models we buy. If you don’t see your model below, go here to see our full list.

iPhone Models

Can I Sell Used and Broken iPhones?

Absolutely! With Buyback Boss, you can sell iPhones in any condition. You read that correctly – we don’t care if your iPhone is water damaged, cracked, broken, or completely dysfunctional. We will give you an instant offer on your phone regardless of the condition. Unlike third-party sites where you sell directly to other people, Buyback Boss has a process for recycling old phones. This allows us to purchase your used or broken iPhones at top dollar.

Of course, we don’t only buy broken phones. We also buy brand new iPhones and devices that are in good condition. The better condition your phone is in, the more money you’ll get paid!

How Do I Sell My iPhone Online?

Selling your iPhone online is a quick and easy process when you sell with Buyback Boss. We know because we designed it this way on purpose. Unlike third-party marketplaces, you don’t need to create a listing, wait for interested buyers, and pay endless fees. Selling with Buyback Boss is easy.

     Here’s how it works:

    1. Tell Us About Your Phone – Don’t worry, you don’t need to write an essay about why your phone is truly an exceptional device. Our online process takes less than 30 seconds. Just select your model, carrier, storage, and phone condition. You’ll be given an instant offer.
    2. Accept Your Offer – If you’re happy with the price you’ve been offered for your phone, accept it and begin the checkout process. Once you accept an offer, it will be locked for 14 days. This means you’re guaranteed the price quoted if you ship your iPhone within two weeks.
    3. Ship Your Phone – After you complete the checkout, you’ll be provided with a free shipping label. Simply print it out, slap it on a box, and send your phone into Buyback Boss
    4. Get Paid – Once we receive and inspect your phone, it’s time for you to get paid! You can choose between a check payment or a speedy PayPal payment.

    Best Reasons to Sell Your iPhone

    People choose to sell their iPhones for a variety of reasons. We’ve been in this business a long time and we’ve heard it all! While everyone has their own reasons for selling, here are the most common reasons people choose to trade in their old phones.


    Fund an Upgrade

    As much as we all love our phones, there comes a time when we’re ready to upgrade. Technology is always improving and the new iPhones have some exciting features. When you sell your iPhone online, you get fast cash so you can fund your upgrade and get that shiny new iPhone. It’s a win-win!


    Get Some Extra Spending Cash

    Of course, the most obvious reason people sell their old iPhones is so they can get some extra spending cash. Selling your phone is fast and easy, meaning you can get cash to use on the things you enjoy. Refresh your wardrobe, plan a fun night out, or put the funds towards that vacation you’ve been looking forward to.


    Clear Out the Old Cell Phone Drawer

    The “old cell phone drawer” became infamous during the days of flip phones. In the past, when you outgrew your old phone, there was not much you could do. Chances are, you had old technology that no one wanted to buy. In the age of smartphones, every phone is valuable. If you have phones laying around in a drawer, you can put them to good use by trading them in for cold, hard cash.


    Recycle Electronics Responsibly

    Did you know that a lot of the parts in your old phone can be reused? When you trade-in an old phone, it will either find a new home or be recycled for parts. This eco-friendly recycling process ensures your phone doesn’t end up in a landfill.

    iPhone Buyback Programs

    There are a variety of ways you can sell an iPhone online and they all have their pros and cons. We may be biased, but we believe that buyback programs offer the most benefits. Here’s what you need to know.

    What is an iPhone Buyback Program?

    A buyback program is exactly as it sounds – companies will pay to buy your used iPhone from you.  These buyback programs, also known as trade-in programs, can be run by cell phone manufacturers, cell carriers, or third parties. 

    How does a buyback program work?

    Buyback programs are designed to simplify the process of selling your used devices. Instead of searching for a buyer on your own, you’re given a direct offer on your phone. If you choose to accept the offer, you trade-in your phone for cash.

    For example, you may go through Buyback Boss’s online quoting process and receive an offer of $300 for your used phone. If you choose to accept, you’ll be provided with a free shipping label to print out. Once you print your label, you will place your phone safely in a box, stick on your shipping label, and send it off. When your phone is received, it will be inspected and you will receive your payment by check or PayPal.

    What are the main benefits of a buyback program?

    Buyback programs have a few key benefits. 

    The first is convenience. When you sell your device through a buyback program, you get an instant offer and don’t pay any transaction costs. If you have multiple devices, you can sell them in the same order. This is far more convenient than the traditional process of creating an online listing, seeking out a buyer, paying transaction costs, and dealing with any issues.

    Buyback programs are also safer than some other alternatives like selling on Craigslist. When you sell through a classified site like Craigslist, you have to meet up with a stranger, whereas selling through an online buyback program can be done from the safety of your home.

    What should I look for when choosing a buyback company?

    Reputation is key. If you’re going to send your valuable device to a company, you want to make sure they are trustworthy. You want to know that you’ll get the price quoted and that your iPhone is in good hands. 

    We highly recommend checking out online reviews to learn about the experience of other customers who have been in your position before.

    Pro Tips for Selling Your iPhone


    Don't Wait Until a New iPhone Release

    The prices for used iPhones are always fluctuating. Last year’s tech is never worth as much as this year’s latest craze. When a new iPhone model is announced, everyone wants to sell their iPhone to upgrade. While the timing works out well, you’ll usually get a better price if you sell before the announcement. 


    Shop Around

    If you want to get the best price for your iPhone, shop around a bit. See how much you can get from different buyback sites to ensure you get the best price. While it may seem surprising for a buyback site to recommend checking competitors sites, we don’t mind at all. We’re confident in our pricing and we offer a price match guarantee if you find a better offer!


    Provide an Accurate Description

    We understand that your precious iPhone holds a lot of sentimental value but it’s important to provide an accurate description during the quoting process. This ensures an accurate offer and a fast payout.


    Bundle Devices

    The only thing better than cashing in on your old iPhone is cashing in even more on all of your old tech. With Buyback Boss, you can sell multiple devices in the same order and get an even bigger check (or PayPal payment)

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I know I can trust Buyback Boss with my iPhone?

    Great question! We’ve been doing this a long time and our number one priority is customer satisfaction. We’ve worked with tens of thousands of customers and our reviews speak for themselves. 

    Why would I choose Buyback Boss over eBay or Craigslist?

    Selling with Buyback Boss is the most convenient way to sell your iPhone. When you sell on marketplace sites like eBay and Craigslist, you have to create a listing, wait for buyers, and deal with either shipping or meeting someone in person. The whole process is a hassle (and meeting strangers isn’t usually a good idea). 

    Buyback Boss is fast, easy, and safe. We provide you with an instant offer and cover all shipping costs. 

    Do I need to do anything to my phone before I send it?

    We recommend that all customers erase their personal data and remove the iCloud locks from their iPhones before selling them.

    Can I sell multiple phones in one order?

    Of course! You can get an instant quote on multiple devices in less than a few minutes. Throw them in a box, send them our way, and get paid!

    Can I sell other devices?

    Buyback Boss accepts trade-ins of some of the most popular smart devices. We currently buy iPhones, Samsungs, iPads, iPods, Apple Watches, and Google Pixels. Looking to sell a different device? Reach out to us directly for a custom quote.

    How long does the whole process take?

    You can get an instant offer on your phone in under one minute. Once you receive your offer, you will need to ship your phone, which generally takes a few days. Once we receive your phone, we will process it and send your payment within 1 business day. You can track this entire process online!

    What if I find a higher price somewhere else?

    Buyback Boss will price match any competitors. Simply send us a link to the higher price and we’ll match the offer!

    How do I get paid for my devices?

    When you go through the checkout process, you will have the option to receive payment via check or PayPal. 

    If I have questions, how do I get in touch?

    Our team is here to help. Reach out with any questions via email or phone!

    The Buyback Boss Advantage

    Price-Match Guarantee

    We’re so confident in our pricing that we back it up with a price-match guarantee. If you find a higher offer on a competitor site, reach out and we will match the offer! When you sell your iPhone to Buyback Boss you know you will be getting the best price guaranteed.

    14-Day Price Lock

    Many other buyback programs reel customers in with great pricing only to requote the offer at a later point. When you get an offer from Buyback Boss, your payout price is guaranteed for 14 days. The price you’re quoted is the price you get – simple as that.


    Instant Offers

    Buyback Boss makes the process of selling your iPhone fast and easy. Getting an offer on your used devices takes less than 30 seconds. Just tell us a little bit about your phone and we’ll present you with an offer backed by our price-match guarantee and 14-day price lock.

    Free Shipping

    When you sell through other online marketplaces, shipping costs can eat into your payout. When you sell your phone to Buyback Boss, shipping is 100% free. We provide you with a free shipping label so you can get the most money for your used iPhone.


    Safe & Secure

    Selling through Buyback Boss is safe and secure. You won’t have to meet strangers in public (as you would on Craigslist) or deal with flaky online customers (as you would on other online marketplaces). Enjoy peace of mind throughout the entire process!

    Unbeatable Support

    Our friendly team of buyback specialists is here to help you every step of the way. Reach out by phone or email if you have any questions before, during, or after selling your phone. We’re here to make sure you have the best experience possible.