iPhone Buyback Program

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About iPhone Buyback Programs

Why do you need to be aware of iPhone buyback programs now more than ever? It’s simple; smartphones are expensive these days—it’s not unusual to expect to pay $1,000 or more to get the latest and greatest phone on the market. And while they don’t come cheap, they’re packed with better cameras, faster processors, and a million other features that will make your old phone look ancient in comparison.

Yet, the days of the subsidized upgrade at your favorite cellphone carrier are long gone. It used to be that, when your 2-year contract was up, you could sign on for another 2 years and get a lot of money discounted from the purchase of a new phone. Carriers stopped that practice, so now those $1,000 phones really are $1,000. It’s important to acquaint yourself with iPhone buyback programs so you can get as much help as possible paying for that brand new phone.

What is an iPhone Buyback Program?

An iPhone buyback program is exactly how it sounds—it’s a means to quickly sell your old phone. And because there is a healthy and thriving refurbished phone industry, many companies subscribe to the concept of the buyback program—they buy your phone at a competitive price and then sell or refurbish the parts for their own profit. Because the buyback market is so competitive, you can almost guarantee quick, easy cash for your phone. It beats fending off the waves of fake buyers on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace.

Places like Gazelle, Decluttr, and Buyback Boss all follow a similar process. But it’s best to check out all three to see which you prefer. Some services, like Buyback Boss, even offer bulk sales. If you’re an IT Manager in the middle of upgrading your employees’ phones, then it’s worth checking to see what you can receive back through a bulk sale rather than shoving your company phones into a box to collect dust.

iPhone Buyback Program

How Can I Get the Most Money for my iPhone?

Of course, you want to get the most money you can for your used iPhone. These tips will ensure you get top dollar for any of your used electronics!


Shop around and be patient

It’s important to do your research and to shop around when you’re ready to sell your used iPhone via an iPhone buyback program. Most importantly, some companies will have occasional deals where you get an extra percentage back if you use a promotional code. If you’re not in a hurry, you may want to wait for something like Cyber Monday to see if any programs are offering promotions.


Check your payment options

It’s common among iPhone buyback programs to offer a multitude of payment options for when the time comes to pay you for your used iPhone. Do your due diligence and consider each option carefully. Straight cash is most likely your least lucrative option. Instead, you’ll more than likely get more money back if you opt for a gift card. Sometimes you’ll even receive a bonus!


Don’t sit on selling your phone for too long

Your iPhone is at peak value when it’s the last generation prior to the newest one. As you wait, and as new generations of the iPhone are released, your iPhone is going to rapidly lose value. While you need to be patience in considering your options, you don’t want to wait months and suffer a loss in value because the new iPhone is released. Specifically, you’re best off pulling the trigger well before September, as that is when Apple typically unveils their new lineup of iPhones.


Buy a case for your phone

Before you slip your new phone into your pocket, ensure you’ve put it into a case. It doesn’t have to be anything bulky, especially now that every new iPhone is some degree of waterproof. But the important thing is to ensure your iPhone stays crack and dent free. When it comes time to explore your iPhone buyback options, anything beyond a few small scuffs is going to drastically drop the dollar amount for your phone.

How do iPhone Buyback Programs Work?

Buyback programs couldn’t be any easier to use. They’re monumentally more simple than trying to sell your phone yourself. For instance, Buyback Boss has just three simple steps before you’re paid:


Use their offer wizard

Go to their website and fill out the simple offer wizard. They’re just going to ask you easy questions about your phone so they can build you a custom (and instant) offer.


Ship Your Phone

Before you roll your eyes (who wants to ship anything?), companies like Buyback Boss will send you a free shipping label that you just have to print out and affix to the box that’ll hold your phone. Then just drop it off at the nearest package store or drop off box!


Get Paid

It’s really that simple. Once your phone is inspected (to make sure you were accurate when filling out the wizard) you’ll get paid using your preferred method.

Really, that was more like a 2-step process—getting paid will happen automatically! You’re doing yourself a disservice if you’re not using a buyback program to get some easy cash for your old iPhone.

iPhone Buyback Programs Aren’t Just Great—They’re Pretty Much Necessary

The truth is—we’re not all swimming in money. But we all deserve to have nice things! With the retirement of carrier-subsidized smartphones it’s suddenly become much harder to afford the newest technology. $1,000 every year or two is a steep commitment. Yet all it takes is one Apple Keynote for us to start salivating over the newest and greatest phone technology.

iPhone buyback programs have always been around. But these days, they’re pretty much necessary for those of us that lead normal lives. Now more than ever we depend on that couple of hundred dollars we can get for our last-gen iPhone so we can have the newest one in our hands. And buyback companies realize that they’ve suddenly become the sole means of “subsidizing” our new-phone addictions. With high demand from consumers, they’re going to compete among themselves for the lion’s share of the market. Competition is always beneficial to consumers—look for deals, promotions, and other things that’ll get you even more money for your phone.

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