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Zebra Printers are often mobile, portable, and useful for a raft of activities, especially if you offer a plethora of commercial printing services. And the chances are high that you have one or more printers that you haven’t used in a while, and are just laying fallow on your shelf. Even if you have a model that’s too old or suffering defects due to a number of incidences, you can still get some value selling it through a trade-in program like Buyback Boss.

The entire process is an easy and rewarding one too. Go online, locate our form, provide us with information that best describes your Zebra Printer, and get a custom cash offer almost immediately!

Should you choose to accept the offer, we will pay you after inspecting the item. Selling your Zebra Printer along with other devices you don’t need could be a masterstroke. At least, you will receive a bigger Check for them.

Zebra Printer

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How to Sell Your Zebra Printer


Get a Custom Cash Offer

You will need a custom cash offer from us to start with. But first, you might want to give us details of your Zebra Printer on a form for that purpose. Don’t worry; our custom cash offer will come in very fast!


Send in Your Zebra Printer

With the trade-in confirmed, it is time to ship your Zebra Printer to us. Get a hold of the shipping label and attach it to a package containing your device and send it to us at Buyback Boss. We will give you an online tracking number to help you monitor the movement of your Zebra Printer while in transit.


Get Paid

After inspecting your Zebra Printer, we will initiate a payment process via Check or PayPal.

Why Sell to Buyback Boss?


Highest Payouts Guaranteed

When you sell your Zebra Printer to our buyback program, you will be getting the best rates in the buyback business. No kidding! If our competition offers more, notify us via a direct email, and we’ll act fast to update your custom cash offer.


Very Fast Online Offer

Our custom cash offer will reach you very fast. Just fill out our forms and wait for it!


No Bait and Switch Offers

Our custom cash offer remains the same. We won’t change it from what was stated or agreed upon at the point of sale, even if the market changes. To this end, we will lock-in your offer for 14 days, and when you are ready to send your device in, your offer will be right here waiting for you.


Safe and Secure Selling Process

A safe and secure selling process cannot be overestimated. You don’t need lists with us, and neither do you have to leave your home to meet up with a stranger. 


Unbeatable Support Team

Our support team is simply the best! A trial will convince you, and if you’ve got questions bugging you, you can ask at any time of the day!


Speedy Payouts

You will get your money like it was yours the whole time! This is because we are speedy with payouts immediately after inspecting your device.


Trusted by Over 50,000 Customers

The sheer number of customers pegged at 50,000 and more, shows we are keen to have you enjoy the entire trade-in process.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is my Zebra Printer worth?

Usually, we will have to evaluate your Zebra Printer, based on some important criteria, such as the model, specifications, and current cosmetic condition, before we can tell you exactly how much it is worth.

Of course, new Zebra Printers will sell be worth more than old models and printers in a bad cosmetic condition. But there is no way you are not getting a nice payout for any type of device in just any condition when you patronize our buyback program.

Is a buyback program the best place to sell my Zebra Printer?

Of course, it is! A buyback program has many perks, including helping you dispose your new, used, and abandoned devices at a fair price. What’s more, it will help you avoid shady deals and some sneaky charges that come with listing your device for sale on some auction sites and classified marketplaces.

How does the Zebra Printer trade-in program work?

A trade-in program is every straightforward. On Buyback Boss, you will fill out a form with the details of your Zebra Printer and immediately get a custom cash offer from us. When the checkout process is completed, attach a shipping label on a box with your Zebra Printer inside, send it to us, and get paid.

Can I sell a broken Zebra Printer?

Yes! The state of your Zebra Printer doesn’t matter to us. So whether it’s broken or very old, we will pay for it!  

How will I get paid for my Zebra Printer?

There are two fast options you could use – Check and PayPal.

Am I obligated to sell my Zebra Printer if I get a custom price quote?

Of course not. The only thing you must do is follow the checkout process to lock in your offer.