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There’s a wide variety of video games out there and many brands that boast of great content to keep you busy in your downtime. Talk about great characters, challenging concepts, and much more. However, when you have played your video games for a long while, they tend to become less important to you, especially if there are newer versions out there. For this reason, you might have had thoughts of just leaving them in someplace. At Buyback Boss, we will give you a better option – Sell it to us!

To initiate the process, go to Buyback Boss to fill out our online form with information that best describes the video games you want to sell. This shows us you want a trade-in, and we immediately send our custom offer to you. If you take the offer, we will get down to business!

A buyback program is a great way to sell any of your devices, including video games. This is because Buyback Boss will give you the chance to sell more devices at one go for a bigger Check!

Video Games

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How to Sell Your Video Games


Get a Custom Price Quote

You are one step from getting a custom quote stating the worth of your used video game. Just give us details about it to get one.


Ship Your Video Game

If our custom quote appeals to you, take it and go ahead to package your video games for shipping. What we do at Buyback Boss is cover your shipping expenses irrespective of the condition or type of video game. Further, you get a prompt to print out your video game’s prepaid shipping label, which makes you totally eligible to ship your video game for free. Still have some little doubts about your game is coming to us or not? We will give you an online tracking number so you can monitor it.


Get Paid

When we get a hold of your video games, well ensure what you sent ticks all the right boxes, and then pay your cash via Check or PayPal.

Why Sell to Buyback Boss?


Highest Payouts Guaranteed

Thought you’d get next to nothing for your video games? Think again! We offer the best payouts in the buyback industry and won’t hesitate to up our offer should a competitor match or go over it.


14-day Price Lock

Our offer for your video game is valid for 14 days. It won’t change or switch during this period.


100 Percent Free Shipping

Doing business with us makes you eligible to have your video games shipped to us at no cost to you.


Unbeatable Support Team

Every step of the process is overseen by a seasoned customer support service. At no point will you feel left to do things all on your own except making the decision to sell to us.


Safe and Secure

Our buyback program is a very safe and secure option to sell your video games. You can sell your video game from the comfort of your home.


Sell Multiple Devices

At Buyback Boss, it’s not a question of one anymore. The more the devices, the merrier for you in terms of Checks when you sell multiple devices to us.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is my Video Game worth?

This will be the function of certain factors like the type of video game, the condition, and how long you have used it. We will check all that out and tell you what we can pay for it.

As expected, you will be getting more money for the latest and most recent video games than older ones. However, don’t be deterred from selling your old video games, as we will be giving you a nice payout here at Buyback Boss.

Is a buyback program the best place to sell my Video Games?

It sure is! And that’s not because we run one. Buyback programs like ours keep you safe and ensure you get paid without having to wait for weeks.

How does the Video Game trade-in program work?

Understand that our program is simple to use. Head online and tell us about your video games on a form for that purpose. We will then give you a custom offer, and if you accept it, print out the prepaid shipping label for your game. Attach it to a box with your video game inside and ship it to us. After inspecting your video game, you get paid!

Can I sell a broken Video Game?

Yes! Your video game could be broken, or as old as the 90s. This won’t stop us from giving you an offer, and subsequently paying you for it!

How will I get paid for my Video Game?

There are two options – through Check or PayPal.

Am I obligated to sell my Video Game if I get a quote?

Short answer, no! We don’t work with threats or laws designed to make you unhappy. So if you must lock in your offer, follow our checkout process. No obligations!