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Tired of trawling through several auction sites in search of the best price for your TV? Buyback Boss is here to buy your new, old, and used TV for top-dollar. Even if, due to one reason or the other, your TV no longer works, we will still make a fair cash offer for it.

Our buyback program redefines the ethics of trade-in services by providing you with a remarkable experience all through. Kickstart the process by filling out an online form to generate a price quote. The moment you accept the quote, you will be only a few clicks away from selling your TV for the best price online.

Our buyback program is free of all the stress and hassle associated with most auction sites and online marketplaces. Our evaluation process is completely risk-free, and we will never ask you to create a listing before you can trade-in your TV for cash.

What’s more? There’s no need to set up meetings with third-parties, as we buy directly from you with strangers, and you get to ship your TV to us for free via our free shipping service. You will even go home with more money if you sell all your old and abandoned TVs to us in a   single order.


Get a Quote

We are not purchasing TV’s at the moment. Check back later or feel free to sell another device.

How to Sell Your TV


Get a Quote

At Buyback Boss, we will evaluate your TV, taking into consideration its specifications and cosmetic conditions. Just fill out our online form to list out these details, and we will give you a custom price quote.


Ship Your TV

Now that you have received a price quote, what’s next? Accept the quote if it meets your expectations, and prepare your TV for shipping. With our free shipping service, you don’t have to pay a penny before oh send your TV over to us. You only have to make sure that you print and attach our prepaid shipping label to your packaging box.

Similarly, we will provide you with an online tracking number, through which you can track the movement of your TV in real-time.


Receive Your Payment via Check or PayPal

Once we inspect and verify all claims, as stated in our online form, we will send your payment right away. You can go for any of our two payment methods, which can be either Check or PayPal.

Why Sell to Buyback Boss?


Highest Payouts Guaranteed

Get the most cash for your old, new, and broken TV when you sell it online to Buyback Boss.

Our price offers are lucrative and irresistible. Should you come across a better offer on another platform, you can send us a valid claim via email, and we will make you a better offer.


14-Day Price Lock

With our 14-Day Price Lock guarantee, you will get exactly the same price at the point of sale over the next two weeks. No hidden charges, no cancellations.


Unbeatable Customer Service

What’s a buyback program without a good customer service team? Here at Buyback Boss, we have a team of dedicated customer service members that are at your beck and call at all times.

If you encounter any issue at any point, reach out to us, and we will be happy to help.


100% Free Shipping

It’s no news that many classified marketplaces and auction sites charge some outrageous fees in shipping and transactional costs. But when you sell your TV to our buyback program, we will not remove a dime from your money, as we will bear all charges.


Speedy Payouts

Sell your TV to us and get your money without any delay. We will process your payments as soon as w heave your TV and send your payout immediately.


Safe and Secure

Our buyback program prioritizes customer’s safety and security online. You can trade-in your TV with all confidence, knowing fully well that the entire transaction process is fully safe and secure from start to finish.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is my TV worth?

We will be happy to tell you how much your TV is worth after our evaluation process. But before then, you have to tell us some information about your TV, including its model and cosmetic condition, in an online form.

We will offer more money for a new TV in excellent condition while used and broken models may not get as much. Not to worry, though; you will get the highest payout on the market at Buyback Boss.

Can I sell a broken TV?

Most Definitely! We will not turn down your request to trade-in your broken and completely damaged TV.

In fact, we will offer you a nice payout for it.

Is a buyback program the best place to sell my TV?

Take it or leave it, no other platform comes close to the exceptional and super-fats trade-in services of a buyback program.

From an unbeatable cash offer to free shipping and price lock guarantee, buyback programs offer an array of customer-focused services that set them apart from the rest.

How does the TV trade-in program work?

Select your device from the list and proceed to specify its specific details in our online form for evaluation purposes.

After evaluation, we will give you q custom price quote, which you can accept if it is exactly what you expect. Ship your TV to us and get your payment in real-time.

How do I get paid for my TV?

Buyback Boss sends all payouts via Check or PayPal. Just select whichever works best for you out of the two for quick payment at all times.

Do I have to sell my TV if I get a quote?

Not at all. Selling your TV to Buyback Boss is 100% voluntary. Of course, we will give you a price quote at your request, but we will never force you to complete the process against your wish.

However, our price lock guarantee will only be available for you if you complete our checkout process.