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While it’s sad getting rid of a device that has served you well, receiving a good offer for it from a tested and trusted buyback program is more than a consolation. So what do you do when it’s time to turn in that broken, used, or slow Toshiba Laptop? Sell it to us at Buyback Boss, of course, and get your cool cash! Ours is a trade-in process you will enjoy with every aspect designed to ensure that you are comfortable, and receive your money’s worth.

Want to get a custom cash offer for your Toshiba Laptop? Fill out the online form provided with each detail describing the state of your device and watch how fast we make an offer.

Using a buyback program has become a very essential and popular way to sell your used or broken devices. Along with your Toshiba Laptop, you can sell other devices you are not keen on keeping anymore to Buyback Boss.

Toshiba Laptop

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How to Sell Your Toshiba Laptop


Get a Custom Cash Offer

The cash offer you will receive is unique to the specifications of your Toshiba Laptop. Once we have it assessed, a quote is never afar off!


Ship Your Toshiba Laptop

Find our cash offer irresistible? Great! Now, you can send it to us. It is important to note that you are not paying to ship your device. Just attach a shipping label to a box containing your Toshiba Laptop and send it to us.


Get Paid

Our payouts are delivered immediately after we inspect your device. This is done through Check or PayPal.

Why Sell to Buyback Boss?


Highest Payouts Guaranteed

We pay some of the best rates in the buyback business. No kidding! If our competition offers more, notify us via a direct email, and we will act fast to update your custom cash offer.


14-day Price Lock

Our offer for your Toshiba Laptop lasts for a 14-day period. It won’t change during this number of days.


Trusted by Over 50,000 Customers

With a growing customer base of over 50,000 customers, it is easy to see why we are one of the best buyback programs in the business.


Unbeatable Support Team

Having a professional support team is crucial to the way we operate. This is the case, especially if you need immediate answers to all kinds of questions.


Speedy Payouts

We deliver payments to your chosen option speedily! All you want is your cash after a trade-in, so we don’t delay.


Free Shipping on All Orders

When you have agreed to sell to Buyback Boss, you might imagine you have to pay to ship your Toshiba Laptop. Well, this is not the case with us because you won’t pay a dime!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is my Toshiba Laptop worth?

We will tell you how much we are happy to pay for your Toshiba Laptop once you go through our no-risk evaluation process. It’s pretty simple, all you have to do is tell us some information about your Toshiba Laptop, detailing the specific model and cosmetic condition, and send it to us in an online form that we will provide you.

You will be getting more money for a new device while used and broken models will get a lower price, understandably. Don’t fret, though; Buyback Boss will give you the highest payout on any device, regardless of their status or condition.

Can I sell a broken Toshiba Laptop?

Yes! We buy all kinds of devices that have gone through a wide range of problems. So if your Toshiba Laptop is broken, we will gladly pay for it

How will I get paid for my Toshiba Laptop?

Buyback Boss has two options – via Check or PayPal.

Does the offer come with any guarantee?

Yes. The price lock is in effect for 14 days. So the initial offer remains the same and doesn’t change even if the market changes.

Do I have to pay to ship my Toshiba Laptop?

No. Shipping your Toshiba Laptop to Buyback Boss is 100% free! We will not deduct transactional charges or ask you to pay for a listing. 

Is it a good time to sell my Toshiba Laptop?

Leaving your used or broken Toshiba Laptop in the store or basement adds no value to you. This presents a great time to sell it for some cash that could be spent on a newer model.

How do I ship my Toshiba Laptop?

Firstly, when you use our online form to provide the details of your device, we will give you a custom cash offer. When you accept it, paste a shipping label to your package with your Toshiba Laptop inside and ship it to Buyback Boss.