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Looking to sell your new or old Iridium Satellite Phone for some fast cash online? You are better off with our buyback program. When you sell your device to Buyback Boss, you will get the best price for it every single time. We are the obvious choice for easy, efficient, and effective buyback services. Since you want to sell your device, we can only assure you of a platform tailored to your needs and advantage.

Just specify your Iridium satellite phone from the list and give us a brief description in order to receive our custom offer. If you accept the offer, the trade-in will prove to be the best step you have taken in a long while. We won’t list your Iridium satellite phone or collect shipping fees from you.

With us at Buyback Boss, you can sell a lot more devices for even bigger Checks! In all, we offer a convenient and safe way to sell your Iridium satellite phone for the most cash online.

Iridium Satellite Phone

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How to Sell Your Iridium Satellite Phone


Get a Custom Price Quote

Buyback Boss will respond with a very fast cash offer. We will only ask a couple of questions about your Iridium satellite phone, which, if you answer, immediately gives you a custom offer.


Ship Your Iridium Satellite Phone

Like our offer? Accept and ship your Iridium satellite phone to us. It is part and parcel of us to offer free shipping for every device, so keep in mind that we will bear all the shipping costs. We will also provide an online tracking number with which you can track your device at all times


Get Paid Through Check or PayPal

You can select from either Check or PayPal as your preferred payment method on our program. 

Why Sell to Buyback Boss?


Highest Payouts Guaranteed

Everything we do is geared towards making the trade-in process a win-win situation for everybody hence a better price-match than our competitors. Send us an email that matches our price, and we will immediately improve yours.


No Bait and Switch Offers

At Buyback Boss, we are efficient and trustworthy. We are true to our words and always keep our promises. So you can expect to sell your Iridium satellite phone without baits and price switches.


Unbeatable Support Team

Here at Buyback Boss, our reliable and professional support team is committed to maintaining high-level customer satisfaction by providing answers to all your questions, inquiries, and clarifications before, during, or after completing an order process for your Iridium satellite phone.


Trusted by Over 50,000 Customers

At Buyback Boss, our sublime services do all the talking. Our user-oriented customer services have kept many users satisfied. We have successfully processed over 50,000 trade-in orders and still counting.


Speedy Payouts

Payouts to your preferred choice are just as swift as the custom offers you receive for your Iridium satellite phone.


Free Shipping on All Orders

Take advantage of our free shipping policy, which opens you up to get the highest payout when you sell your Iridium satellite phone to us.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is my Iridium satellite phone worth?

We will determine the price of your Iridium satellite phone in a very short time. Usually, you have to tell us about its condition, model, and features. With those, we’ll tell you what it’s worth.

Can I sell a broken Iridium satellite phone?

Yes, you can. We will buy your phone even if it is cracked, water-damaged, or broken.

How does the Iridium satellite phone trade-in program work?

Our Iridium satellite phone’s trade-in program is speedy, safe, and convenient. Get started with a fast custom price quote and accept if it pleases you. Proceed to ship it to us for free using our free shipping service. 

As soon as we receive your phone, we will inspect it to ensure that it is exactly as stated at the time of sale, after which your payout is sent!

How do I ship my Iridium satellite phone?

Once you complete an order process, you have to ship your device to us. You can do this for free when you print out the prepaid shipping label of your Iridium satellite phone and attach it to your packaging box and send it to Buyback Boss.

How do I get paid for my Iridium satellite phone?

You can collect your money via Check or PayPal.

Do I have to sell my Iridium satellite phone if I get a custom quote?

No! We will tell you how much your phone is worth but will never pressure you to deal it to us at any time. But it’s important to use our checkout process to enjoy our price lock feature.