Sell Barbies

Thinking of swapping out your toddler’s Barbies for some fast cash online? We will make that possible. At Buyback Boss, we run a buyback program that will fetch you the best deal for your shiny new and completely tattered Barbies, no matter their condition!

With us, selling your Barbies means you get all the advantages, including a healthy payout for it! Head online and give us information that best captures your Collectible Barbies, and we will make you a custom cash offer.

If the offer suits you, have your Barbies shipped to us and receive your cash after some inspections.

We run a safe, secure, and structured buyback program built to keep you relaxed selling your Barbies to us. In addition, you can sell multiple devices to us for more money!


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How to Sell Your Barbies


Get a Very Fast Custom Cash Offer

Getting a custom offer to sell your Barbies is easy. Provide the necessary information on our online form to receive a custom price quote.


Send In Your Collectible Barbies

The next thing to do after accepting our cash offer is to get your Collectible Barbies packaged into a box ready for shipping. Print out the prepaid shipping label for your Barbies and attach it to your packaging box, then ship your Collectible Barbies to us for free. There is an online tracking number that comes with the printed label, which will let you keep tabs on the whereabouts of your Barbies at all times.


Get Your Money Via Check or PayPal

When we have your Collectible Barbies with us, our team will inspect and verify them before paying you through check or PayPal.

Why Sell to Buyback Boss?


Easy and Convenient

Our program sits at the top with the best in terms of design and ease of use. There is no part that is complicated or too difficult to understand with every step neatly set up to give you a worthwhile experience from start to finish.


14-Day Price Lock Guarantee

When we give you a custom offer, we stick to it. Completing the checkout process for your Collectible Barbie helps you lock in your offer for two weeks without price switches.


Ship Your Barbies to Us for Free

Here at Buyback Boss, it is our thing to cover the shipping costs of any item, including your Collectible Barbies. You only have to complete the checkout process, and once you do, we will ask you to print out your Barbie’s unique shipping label. Have this label attached to your packaging box and qualify for our free shipping.


Reliable Customer Service Team

Our reliable customer service team is always available to offer useful help and assistance whenever you call or email. Just contact us to resolve any issues if you are having difficulty completing your order process for your Collectible Barbies or completing one.


Speedy Payouts

Get your payment delivered speedily to your chosen method when you sell your Barbies to us. It’s very fast and secure to either PayPal or Check!


Trusted by Over 50,000 Customers

Our trade-in services are quick and exceptional. That is why more than 50,000 customers can bank on them and come back to Buyback Boss whenever they need to sell their devices without hassles and for the best prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much are my Collectible Barbies worth?

The buying price for your Barbies will differ according to the cosmetic condition and state of you Barbies. Rest assured, you will get a very lucrative offer if your Collectible Barbies are still quite new and in good condition. But older Barbies stand a chance to get nice payouts as well, only if they trade-in with Buyback Boss.

Just follow the steps on our online quoting system to find out the exact amount we’re willing to pay for your Barbies.

Can I sell broken Barbies?

With us, there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t sell broken Barbies. Whether they are in bad shapes, or they are good looking, we will buy them from you!

Is a buyback program the best platform to sell my Barbies?

As far as we are concerned, the answer is yes. Buyback programs don’t just give you value, but also ensure you’re safe and enjoy the trade-in for your Collectible barbies.

Am I going to pay before I can ship my Collectible Barbies?

Not at any time will we ask you to pay for shipping or other transactional fees. Just attach our prepaid shipping label to your package and send it to us at no cost to you.

Does the offer include any guarantee?

Yes! Your offer actually comes with two guarantees – a price-lock guarantee and a price match guarantee that will fetch you the most cash when you trade-in your Barbies to Buyback Boss.

Do I have to sell my Collectible Barbies if I receive a quote?

Getting a custom cash offer from Buyback Boss doesn’t place any obligation on you to sell your Barbies. But it’s very important to complete our checkout process if you want to lock in our lucrative cash offer for your new and old Barbies.