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Sell Your iPad Mini 3

Looking to trade in your old iPad Mini 3 online for cash and offset your next upgrade? Why not sell it to Buyback Boss and get the most value for your device. Our buyback program is the best place to sell your iPad and get enough cash to subsidize the price of your new upgrade. How does it work?

Start off by describing your iPad's main specifications and condition to us, and we will send you an instant offer. If you like and accept our price offer, checkout and ship your device for free. Yes, we will cover all shipping costs!

At Buyback Boss, our trade-in process is simple and easy to use. We will give you total control over the entire trade in, right from the selling process to payment. We will also provide you with an exceptional buyback experience from start to finish. It doesn't matter if your iPad looks good or broken, once you bring it to us, we will buy it from you.

How to Sell Your iPad Mini 3

  1. Get a Quote
    The first thing you need to do before selling your iPad is to tell us about your device so that we can give you a price quote. It will take only a few seconds; just tell us the specifications and condition of your iPad and we will send you an instant offer.
  2. Ship Your iPad
    After you accept our offer, the next thing to do is to ship in your device. You don't have to pay a dime for shipping as we will take on all the costs. Once you print out our prepaid shipping label for your device, you will qualify for our free shipping service. You can also monitor the movement of your iPad while in transit with the online tracking number provided on the label.
  3. Get Paid
    Once we have your device with us, we will run a quick verification test before we send your money. We will send your cash via check or PayPal.

Why Sell to Buyback Boss?

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is my iPad Mini 3 worth?
If you are ready to sell your iPad, we will ask to know a couple of things about your device, including the specific capacity model and the cosmetic condition. Usually, the price of a newer iPad Mini 3 will be higher than that of an older model. That's nothing to worry about though; Buyback Boss offers a nice payout for every device in any condition. Does the offer come with any guarantee?
Yes, it does! We have a price-matching guarantee that matches a better offer from our competitor to give you the highest payout. Can I sell a broken iPad Mini 3?
Yes! It doesn't matter whether your device is new and in good condition or broken and totally unusable. As long as you are ready to sell it to Buyback Boss, we are ready to buy it and, what's more, for a good price.
Is a buyback program the best place to sell my iPad Mini 3?
Absolutely! When you sell your iPad Mini 3 to a buyback program, you will always get the highest price on the market without paying to create a listing or ship your device as there is on other platforms. Additionally, selling to buyback programs help to remove the safety and security risks that are common with some classified websites. How does the iPad Mini 3 trade-in program work?
Get an instant offer for your device and accept if you're okay with it. Complete the checkout process by following the tips and step-by-step guidelines provided on your screen. Afterward, we will send over a printable prepaid shipping label that you will apply to your shipping box for free shipping. Once we have your iPad, we will inspect it and send your money. How do I get paid for my iPad Mini 3?
You will get your money either through Check or PayPal- depending on your preferred payment method. You will have the option to receive your payout by check or PayPal.