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Sell your iPhone 6

If you own an iPhone 6, you may discover that only a few platforms are willing to buy it for its actual worth. You cannot blame them though; the iPhone 6 is really an old device, and for some, it's only good enough for the cell phone drawer. However, here at Buyback Boss, we buy every kind of iPhone from all walks of life- whether new or old. So if you own an iPhone 6 and you are looking to sell it at the right price for an instant cash payout, you're in luck.

Our job is to provide you with easy and convenient ways of selling your phone online for the most money. Our buyback program is designed to make it easy for you to trade in your phones for cash without wasting valuable time shopping for the best offer.

There are no transactional costs, shipping fees, or any other hidden charges at Buyback Boss. We only need you to share some basic info of your device with us, and we will give you an instant quote. Accept our offer, and your phone is almost ready to ship to us. You can even add multiple phones to your order and receive a bigger check!

How to Sell your iPhone 6

  1. Get a Quote
    Choose your device from the list, specify the condition, and we will make you a cash offer immediately.
  2. Ship Your Phone
    If you choose to accept the offer, we will ask you to print out a prepaid shipping label that will include your device's tracking number. With this label, we will cover the cost of shipping your device, and in return, you will also end up with more money in your pocket. You can also use the provided tracking number to monitor the movement and check the exact location of your phone while in transit.
  3. Get Paid
    Once we receive your device, we will carry out some verification processes and send your payment through your preferred payment method immediately. You can choose to receive your payout by check or PayPal.

Why Sell to Buyback Boss?

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is my iPhone 6 worth?
The price of your iPhone depends on a few criteria, such as the condition and the model itself. You will most definitely get a better offer for an iPhone 8 that is new and in good condition than an old iPhone 8 with a cracked screen. Additionally, iPhones with larger storage capacity will sell at a higher price than the base model. One thing is certain though, whether your phone is still brand new out of the box or very old and dysfunctional, you will always get a great offer when you sell it to us. Can I sell a broken iPhone 6?
Yes, of course! Go right ahead if you own a broken iPhone 6 and you plan on selling it. We will buy any phone with a cracked screen, chipped glass, water damage, and any other internal or external issues. Is a buyback program the best place to sell my iPhone 6?
Buyback programs have a proven track record of delivering efficient and outstanding buyback services, and thus, may be the best place to sell your phone. You don't have to create any listings, deal directly with buyers, or pay for shipping. Buyback programs are fast, easy, and convenient.
How does the iPhone 6 trade-in program work?
Complete an order process by visiting our website at Select your device (iPhone 6) from the wide range of phones available and enter its specifications and conditions to get an instant quote. Accept the quote if you like it and prepare to follow through with the remaining checkout process and ship your phone. You'll be provided with a prepaid shipping label so you can send it in for free. Once we receive your phone, we will inspect to see if it is just exactly as described, and if everything looks good, we will issue your payment immediately. How do I get paid for my iPhone 6?
We deliver payments by Check or PayPal, so we will allow you to choose which is best for you before we issue the payment. Does the offer come with any guarantee?
The moment you accept our offer, you start to enjoy the full benefits that come with it. Our offer comes with a price-match guarantee that will price-match a similar offer on a competitor's website. Additionally, you will also enjoy a 14-day payout guarantee that helps you lock-in the price while you prepare your phone for shipping or shop for a replacement device.