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Google Pixel

Sell Your Google Pixel

Have a used Google Pixel phone you want to sell? Our buyback program is the answer for you.

For a lineup that represents the core values of Google's Android mobile OS platform, your Google Pixel could fetch you a lot more than you think.

We will buy your old Pixel smartphone and help you offset your next upgrade. Even if you own the latest Google Pixel, and you are planning to switch to another device, you can sell it to Buyback Boss and get the highest payout in return.

Our buyback program accommodates all Pixel smartphones from brand new to completely broken. It doesn't matter what variant or model your Pixel is, once you bring it to us, you'll get the best price.

Just start by telling us some important information about your device, and we will tell you how much we will pay for it. Now, you can accept the offer and trade-in your phone quickly and conveniently.

How to Sell Your Google Pixel

  1. Get an Instant Price Quote
    Getting a quote for your device is easy and super-fast. You only have to tell us some vital device information like the model and condition of your Google Pixel and we will give you an instant offer.
  2. Send In Your Google Pixel
    Next thing to do after accepting our offer is to pack your Google Pixel in a shipping box and send it in for free. With our free shipping service for every device, you can print out your phone's prepaid shipping label, attach it to your packaging box, ship it to us without paying a dime. The online tracking number on the printed label will also let you monitor your phone's movement while in transit.
  3. Get Your Money Via Check or PayPal
    When we have your Google Pixel with us, our team will inspect and verify it. We will then send your payment either by PayPal or through Check.

Why Sell to Buyback Boss?

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is my Google Pixel worth?
The buying price for your Google Pixel will differ according to the model, condition, and status of the phone itself. Follow the procedures on our online quoting process to find out the exact amount we will pay for your phone. Usually, recently-released Google Pixel models will go for more money than older variants. But here at Buyback Boss, you will go home with a nice payout either way. Can I sell a broken Google Pixel?
Of course, Yes! Bring all your old, used, cracked, and completely broken Google Pixel smartphones to us and we will buy it in a heartbeat. Is a buyback program the best place to sell my Google Pixel?
As far as we are concerned, there's no platform that offers the exceptional and outstanding trade-in services of a buyback program. You can sell your Google Pixel virtually anywhere and receive your money without neglecting your daily routine tasks.
How does the Google Pixel trade-in program work?
Our buyback program is designed to make your Google Pixel trade-in seamless and super-fast. Follow our online quoting process procedures to get an instant price quote. If you choose to accept our offer, you can go ahead to print out your device's prepaid shipping label to allow us to cover all shipping costs. As soon as we have your phone and verify it, payment follows immediately. Does the offer include any guarantee?
Yes! Your offer comes with both price lock guarantee and price match guarantee that will ensure that you get the most cash from your trade-in. Do I have to sell my Google Pixel if I receive a quote?
Getting a price quote from Buyback Boss doesn't necessarily mean you should sell your phone of you aren't willing to. However, you may have to complete the checkout process if you want to enjoy our price lock guarantee.