Where Can I Sell My Tablet Near Me?

Do you have an old iPad or Galaxy Tab? Whether you want some extra cash for an upgrade or just want to get some clutter out of your house, there’s plenty of places you can sell your tablet. So if you want fast cash for your tablet, follow these easy steps!

Where can I sell my Tablet for cash

Where can I sell my tablet near me? 

Where to sell Broken tablet

Before you sell your tablet, you need to consider a few things first. 

  • How new is your tablet? 
  • What model is it? 
  • What’s the storage capacity? 
  • Is the tablet in proper working order? 
  • Does the battery still hold a decent charge? 
  • Is it fully paid off? 
  • Has the device been registered lost or stolen? 
  • Has it been reset to factory conditions? 
  • Have you unlinked the device from all accounts? 

These are just a few of the things that will determine the value of your tablet. More than anything you need to be realistic. If you just paid $500 for the device two months ago, don’t think you’re going to get that back. 

The resale market on smartphones and electronics is massive. People can easily find a factory refurbished tablet for great prices. And there are more ways than ever to finance a new tablet. 

Apple and the major telecom providers all providing leasing plans that make it very affordable to purchase a new tablet. In some cases, you can even get a free iPad with a contract from a phone company. 

Should I Sell My Tablet Privately? 

Selling your tablet privately is a total gamble. If you’re lucky, you can get the highest possible resale for your device. But don’t count on this. Most private buyers are expecting a deal. 

If a friend makes you a quick offer to buy your tablet, that’s great. But if you have to spend time and money locating potential buyers, meeting them, and haggling, it’s not worth the hassle. 

Finally, if your tablet is broken, you won’t have many options. Most people don’t have the resources to fix broken devices. Or if they do, they’ll try to get your device for practically nothing. 

Where Can I Sell My Tablet Near Me

If your tablet is in good condition and is reasonably new, plenty of people should be interested in buying it. Social media is a great tool to check first. You may have local groups for buying and selling electronics. 

Or you can create a post and see if any of your friends are interested. This way is convenient and you already have trust between your friends. However, you’ll probably have to give your friends a discount on your tablet. 

Craigslist has long been the go-to for selling things locally. Nowadays, there are other options, but Craiglist is free and easy to use. There’s no downside to listing your tablet on there. 

Once again though, most Craigslist shoppers are looking for deals so don’t be surprised if you get some ridiculous lowball offers. 

How Much is My Tablet Worth? 

After going through the questions above, you can start to get an idea of how much your tablet is worth. You can check around the web on sites like Amazon and Swappa to get an idea of prices. 

When you sell online through Craigslist or Facebook, you never know what to expect. Even if you put what your device is exactly worth, someone might send you an offer of half that. 

People have all kinds of strategies. Sometimes, they overprice their device expecting offers like that. But this could scare off other potential buyers. It’s always going to be a gamble no matter how you decide to list your phone. 

Once you can confirm a good price, there’s more work to do. You have to find a convenient place to meetup. Make sure it’s safe if you’re meeting a stranger. Of course, that’s no guarantee the person will even bother to show up. And if they do, they may change the price offer on the spot forcing you to take it or leave it.  

Local Electronic Stores and Retailers 

Sell iPad on Electronic Store

Nowadays, many electronic stores and big retailers like Target and Best Buy have tablet trade-in programs. These can be a more secure and convenient alternative to selling privately. However, these stores also offer the lowest trade-in value for your device. 

They may also refuse to give you cash for your tablet and may only offer store credit instead. Before committing to one, check out what prices they offer online to determine if it’s a good fit for you.

Buyback Boss: Your Best Option to Sell Your Tablet Easily

You’ve already seen how difficult it can be to sell your tablet privately or to a retailer. Save yourself the hassle and use Buyback Boss instead. You don’t have to worry about the guesswork because Buyback Boss will create an instant quote for you. And this comes with a 14-day price lock guarantee. Try getting that off Craigslist! 

Buyback Boss takes all the stress out of the process. With Buyback Boss, you also get the highest price for your used tablet guaranteed. If you find a better price, simply email it to Buyback Boss. We’ll adjust our price to match or even beat it! 

More than anything, Buyback Boss makes it easy to sell your phone. After you receive your instant quote all you have to do is place your phone in a box. Then use the free shipping label to send it to us. That’s right—no going to stores or driving around to meet somebody. You can do everything from home!  

After Buyback Boss receives your phone, you can choose to get cash in your PayPal account or a check in the mail. It’s super easy. And, Buyback Boss even accepts broken tablets at a fair price to you. 

Where Can I Sell My Tablet Near Me? [Solved]

Using an iPad

Selling your tablet locally has never been easier. You can use social media to reach out to friends. Or check out Facebook groups and Craigslist to find a private buyer. Or you can sell your phone to an electronics retailer. 

But all of these places have some disadvantages. They’re likely to not offer you as much for your tablet as it’s worth. Even if they do, you still have to deal with scheduling meetups, drivings around, and other hassles. It’s just not worth your time and energy. 

Take advantage of Buyback Boss instead. You get the highest price for your tablet guaranteed. And it’s convenient. You can do everything from home and have cash in under a week. How can you beat that! 

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