What Model Is My iPad?

It’s hard to believe, but the first iPad made its debut ten years ago. So much has changed since the original 16 GB version. iPads are much faster, lighter, have more features, and even come in different sizes and models. But once things have stayed the same—the way they look. 

Unlike iPhones, which are pretty easy to distinguish between generations, figuring out what type of iPad you have by looks alone can be a challenge.

Don’t worry; you don’t need to make a trip down to the Apple Store to figure it out. But you do need to know where and what to look for. In this guide, we’ll help you track down your serial number and model number so you can easily find out what model is your iPad. 

Ipad Models

How to Find Your iPad Model Number

Ipad Model Number

We all know the names iPad 2, iPad Mini, iPad Pro, etc. Aside from these, each has a model number. Gently flip over your iPad. Below the word “iPad” at the end of the top row, you’ll see “Model,” followed by a string of numbers. 

These numbers are the key. They not only tell you your model number but also provide additional information including your screen size, what generation your iPad is, and whether it can be used with a cellular SIM card. Beneath these numbers are also the serial number in case you ever need it. 

Use the model numbers in the chart below to see exactly what type of iPad you have:

: iPhone Models through 201

If you don’t see your model number above, there may be a few reasons. Select cellular-capable fourth-generation iPads along with the first generation of the iPad mini have “MM” written on them, which means they use a CDMA Network (like Verizon or Sprint). 

You also may have a China Mobile version, which applies to some generations of iPad Pros and iPad minis. 

How to Check iPad Model Number in Settings

First generation iPad Settings

You can also answer the question “what model is my iPad” in settings:

  • Tap “Settings” 
  • Tap “General” 
  • Tap “About” 

You’ll see a model number, but it will be completely different than what’s on the back of your device. This is a more specific identifier that provides additional information, including storage capacity, country, and model type. For selling or buying an iPad online, this number is extremely important. Otherwise, the number on the back should be enough to cover your needs. 

What’s the Difference Between Serial Number and Model Number?

Your model number is the number your iPad shares with all the models produced from the generation. The serial number is the specific number for your device. Both, however, should be able to tell you what iPad you have. 

Physical Clues About What Model iPad You Have

If you can’t determine the model from the model number on the back of the iPad or by the settings, then you can use these clues to decide which one it is. 

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USB-C, Lightening, or 30-Pin Port 

Over the years, the primary port on the iPad has evolved. One of the easiest ways of telling the difference between particularly identical models like the iPad or iPad 4 is by the port. 

 iPad lightning port

iPads from older than the 2012 release, have the 30-pin connector. All iPads from 2012-2019, aside from the iPad Pro 2018 and iPad Pro 2019, have lightning ports. Finally, these latest iPad Pro models have USB-C ports.  

Is it an iPad Pro?

 iPad Pro Home screen

More clue for all iPad Pros is that they have four speakers. If your iPad has speaker grills on opposite ends from the home button and two on top, then it’s a pro. Otherwise, the two speakers will be at either end of the lightning port. 

The same also goes for the home button. The recent iPad Pros have a home button and TouchID under the screen. If you have a physical button, it’s either an older iPad Pro (2017 or earlier) or a standard iPad model. 

Check the Storage

iPad storage has grown immensely over the years. But most iPad models offer either 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, or 256GB. You know it’s a pro model if it offers either 512GB or 1 TB. 

You can also go to Settings > General > About and check beside where it says capacity. If it has one of these higher capacities, you know it must be a 2018 or newer model. 

From here, you just need to grab a ruler and measure the screen to determine whether it is the 9, 10.5, 11 or 12.9-inch version. 


Similar to iPhones, Apple supports iPads between 4-5 years. If an iPad is no longer capable of running the latest OS, you can be sure it’s an older model. For example, the iPad 4 could only support up to iOS 10.3.4 compared to iPad Mini 2, which only supported up to iOS 12.4.5. 

Anything newer than this iPad uses the iPadOS, which is a clear sign of device release in 2015 or later. 

Can I Sell a Used or Damaged iPad?

 Damage iPad Screen

Yes. But you will need the model number to determine how much it is worth. It’s possible even to sell a broken iPad that doesn’t turn on if you find the right buyer. Just don’t expect to get as much as you would for one in a working condition.  

What Model is My iPad [Solved]

Different iPad Models

As you can see, it’s very easy to determine what iPad you have. Simply use the model number located on the back of the device and check it in the diagram above. If you’re still uncertain, you can also use the longer model number of the iPad located in settings to figure it out. 

Finally, if either of these methods doesn’t work for you, then use the physical or software clues about the iPad to determine what model it is. 

If you’re still stuck, then you’ll want to bring your iPad into an Apple Store or certified Apple retailer. They’ll be able to not only help you figure out what model you have but also how much it might be worth if you want to sell your iPad

To learn more about iPads, visit the Buyback Boss Blog. We have guides for everything you need to troubleshoot issues you may be having. Click here to see what to do if your iPad is stuck on the Apple logo. And click here to get your iPad into DFU Mode to solve iOS problems. Finally, if you’ve got a sluggish older model iPad and want to speed it up, then check out this guide

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