What Does the iPhone Warranty Cover?

If you own an iPhone, then you should be aware of some of the fundamental aspects of what Apple gives you as part of the sale. If you get the device new, for instance, then it comes with a warranty. Before you start to use the phone, you should familiarize yourself with what that warranty covers. That way, if you ever have a problem with the device, you’ll know what Apple can be held liable for and what you’ll have to pay for yourself.

What Does the iPhone Warranty Cover

The Basics of an iPhone Warranty

If you buy an iPhone that is brand-new, then it comes with a one-year warranty. This means that if you buy the phone and it was pre-owned by someone else, then it is possible that the warranty on it no longer applies unless it is still within the same calendar year of the device’s original purchase date. In some cases, when you buy an iPhone certified pre-owned, then a ninety or a thirty-day warranty comes with it. However, such a warranty would be offered by a secondary seller, and not by Apple.

You also have the option when you buy a new iPhone through Apple to get an extended warranty for it. The most common ones are additional one-year and two-year warranties. You are not under any obligation to get those warranties, but you should certainly consider it. It will afford you a little bit of extra peace of mind.

Some Credit Cards Extend Your Warranty

If you buy the iPhone with certain high-end credit cards, then that will also automatically double your warranty. For instance, if you have an American Express Platinum card and you use it to purchase your iPhone, then you’ll get two years rather than the one-year warranty offered through Apple. 

That’s nice to have, but keep in mind that such credit cards typically come with annual fees. You’ll need to look at what those cards offer before deciding whether getting one is going to be worth it to you.

An iPhone Warranty Is Not Insurance

T-Mobile Offers Cell Phone Insurance

You should also understand that the warranty which is offered by Apple is not the same as insurance on the iPhone. Cell phone insurance can be purchased in one of two ways. The first way is through the cellular phone network with which you sign up. AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, or almost any of the other competitors that are out there have different insurance plans to offer you. You’re under no obligation, but, like the extended warranty, they are worth mulling over.

The other way that you can get cell phone insurance is through a third-party retailer. In that case, the insurance would not have anything to do with either Apple or your cellular service provider. There are several different companies that offer comprehensive packages, most of which cost somewhere in the area of a few dollars per month.

What Does Phone Insurance Cover?

iPhone Water Damage is Not Covered

Phone insurance covers some things that the warranty does not. For instance, your plan would likely cover you dropping the phone and breaking it. If the device is immersed in water or some other liquid, then that will probably be covered. The same is true if someone steals the phone or you lose it.

Consider Getting iPhone Insurance

Knowing that you have insurance in addition to your warranty can make you feel a lot better, particularly if you are someone who often loses your phone or has had things happen to your devices in the past. The regular Apple warranty covers none of the situations we mentioned, so keep that in mind when you purchase your device.

So, What Does that Apple Warranty Cover?

The Warranty Should Cover the Camera

That brings us to the question of what exactly is covered by Apple’s warranty, either the standard one-year version or any of the extended ones. If you look at the paperwork that Apple gives you when you buy a new iPhone, it should spell out explicitly what can happen to the phone that will make it eligible for replacement or repair.

Essentially, there is a single category of problems with the phone that is covered under the warranty. That would be manufacturing defects. In other words, anything that’s wrong with the iPhone when you bought it or that comes to light within the first year of you purchasing it, for which you are not responsible, would be covered. If you bought an extended warranty, then the same thing is true for the first two years, or three years, whatever the case might be.

That description might apply to any one of a number of things. For example, you might not be able to turn the phone on, despite your best efforts to do so. Some of the native apps or those you’ve downloaded from the App Store might not function as they should. There might be something wrong with the camera, or the Hey Siri function, or perhaps the facial recognition features aren’t working.

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As complicated and intricate of a piece of machinery as a modern iPhone is, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of aspects of the device that could potentially go wrong. As long as Apple determines that it is a manufacturing error that is leading to the trouble and not anything that you did, then they should be willing to repair or replace the device under the terms of the warranty.

Rights Provided by Consumer Law

In addition to the warranty, there are also laws in place that protect you somewhat in this regard. These laws guarantee a certain degree of liability by the manufacturer (Apple, in this case) if something goes wrong with their product for which the consumer cannot be held responsible.

It isn’t likely that you should ever have to resort to such a fallback option as calling upon those protection laws if something goes wrong with your iPhone. That is because, generally speaking, Apple has excellent customer service. In fact, it isn’t too likely that there will be a manufacturing flaw with the iPhone at all. That’s because these devices are tested extensively before they ever make it to market. Each one of them is scrutinized to the utmost before it makes it to stores or the online outlets that sell them.

If something ever happens to go wrong with the iPhone, though, through no fault of your own, and you are still within the time stipulated by your original or extended warranty, then you should be in good shape. All you have to do is reach out to Apple and explain the situation.

How Can You Contact Apple?

Apple Support Website

If you’re having a problem with your iPhone that you feel should be handled by the warranty, then there are a couple of different ways for you to reach out to Apple about it. You can head to one of the many Apple Stores that are out there. It helps if you make an appointment first so that they know you’re coming, and you don’t have to wait in line. The employees there will look over your phone, and your warranty as well. Then, they will determine if your claim is valid. If it is, then they should repair or replace your device either that day or within a couple of days of you coming in.

The other way to file a claim based on your warranty is through the Apple website. You can Live Chat with one of their employees and explain the problem, or else you can call and speak to someone. The chances are high that they are going to want you to send your phone to them so they can look it over. Just as would be the case if you took the phone to an Apple Store, they’ll then make the determination as to whether your claim is justified and what action they can take on your behalf.

The iPhone warranty is definitely a good thing to have. Even if you don’t choose to get insurance for your phone, then knowing the warranty is protecting you for the first year or two of owning your device means you can rest easier. iPhones are expensive, and you don’t want anything to go wrong with yours. That warranty is a safeguard against the unlikely event that a manufacturing defect will keep you from enjoying your device to the utmost. 

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