How to Upgrade Your iPhone

iPhone is clearly a worldwide phenomenon, based on the sheer number of sales of the various models since the original debuted more than a decade ago. But what if you’ve had your iPhone for a while, and you feel like it’s time for an upgrade? What is the best way to do that, and when do you know that the time has come to move on from your current model?

Why Upgrade Your iPhone?

The most obvious reason to upgrade your iPhone is when new features have come out for the latest version that you feel strongly that you would like to have. Think about the various add-ons that have made their debuts with the new iPhone launches over the years. There have been things like Apple Pay, significant camera improvements, Siri, and the fingerprint reader.

Improved security features might be enough to convince you to switch to a newer iPhone version.It might be something on the entertainment side like a bigger screen with improved pixilation that’s ideal for watching your favorite shows. Essentially, you might decide to upgrade for practical reasons, or you might want to do so because of the new bells and whistles of a more recent version.

Upgrade Your iPhone

When Can I Upgrade My iPhone?

You can upgrade your iPhone whenever you like, but there are a few factors to keep in mind. The first is what kind of a service plan you have. Some service plans will allow you to upgrade to a newer version of the iPhone every time one comes out. Apple has been sticking to a fairly rigid schedule of a new iPhone hitting the market every two years. You have to have a top-of-the-line service plan, though, if you want to get the new iPhone each time it comes out without having to pay anything for it.

It’s much more likely that you will be able to find a plan where you can trade in the current version of your iPhone for the newest model, but you will still have to shell out at least a portion of the asking price. Since the iPhone X has versions for $749 and $999, it would be fair to say that these devices don’t come cheap.

You can also elect to pay full price to get the new iPhone every time it comes out, regardless of your service plan status. That’s going to mean a hit to your wallet, but if you’re also selling your current version at the same time, that can be a way to make the cost seem more acceptable.

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How Can I Upgrade My iPhone?

When a new iPhone is coming out, there are multiple ways that you can preorder it if you want to be one of the first to get the latest model. You can go to your area Apple store and put the order in weeks or sometimes months in advance. The competition for these first ones off the assembly line is usually fierce.You might not be able to immediately get one that’s the color and model that you want, at least not on the first day that it comes out.

You can also preorder through the Apple Store. Again, that’s a way to get yourself in line, and if you put in the order early enough, you’ll probably get the one that you wanted not too long after the initial launch date.

You can also wait until the first frenzied rush has died down before trading in your older model. That’s a sensible way to do it, since a few months down the line you should be able to get the one that you want without having to jockey for position amongst the other more passionate Apple fans.

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Finally, you can upgrade to a newer model than the one that you have, but not necessarily the latest version of the device. That’s another thrifty, sensible way of doing it. For instance, say that you have an iPhone 6 right now, and you want an upgrade, but you’re not ready to get the 11, the latest one to come out, because the cost is prohibitive. You could get an 8 or even a X, and the price will not be as much as getting the 11, which only just now hit the American market. That way, you get some of the new tech without paying top dollar for it.

Apple Store for iPhone Upgrade

Carrier Trade-In Programs for Getting New iPhones

We already spoke about this a little, but what carrier program you have is going to make a significant difference as it relates to when you can upgrade your iPhone and how much you have to pay when you do.

Look at the different carrier programs that are available in your particular geographic region. There might be lots of options, or fewer, depending on what state you live in and whether you are in a major metropolis. Larger cities generally have more carrier options.

If you have several plans available to you and you’re intent on getting the newest version of the iPhone every time it comes out, then talk to the different carriers about that before you sign any paperwork. Some carrier programs will lock you into a multiple-month or year contract, while others will have you pay on a month-by-month basis. If you get a more costly plan and a long-term contract, then one of the perks might be an extremely discounted iPhone every time a new one comes out.

Larger Cities Have More Carrier Options

Getting a New iPhone through a Buyback Program

There are also such things as buyback programs for iPhones. Some of them are set up directly through Apple. You can take your older iPhone model to an Apple Store and either sell it or trade it in for the newest version. How much you can get for it will depend on how old the phone is, and also its condition. You should always try and take good care of your phone by keeping it in a case, making sure that nothing spills on it, etc. That way, you can get top dollar when it comes time for that trade-in.

There are also buyback programs that are not affiliated with Apple in any way. Most of them don’t function as exchange programs, meaning that you can get some money for your older iPhone, but you can’t order the latest iPhone through the entity that’s making the purchase. That’s okay, though. As long as you can get some money from them rather than store credit (as some of these programs offer), then you can put that money toward the purchase of a new iPhone at the Apple Store.

These buyback programs usually operate online, wanting you to send in your older iPhone. They’ll then determine its value and send you the money, either by check, through direct deposit into your bank account, or they will pay you through PayPal, depending on your preference.

The buyback program that we recommend is BuyBack Boss. They will accept your used iPhone even if it is broken, which some of the other programs won’t do.

Get Money for Your iPhone Through PayPal

There are lots of options for upgrading your iPhone in regards to where and when you can do it. It’s up to you to decide when the time is right. If you’re an Apple aficionado, though, then the allure of each new version that comes out is likely to be strong. Each new iPhone seems to offer exciting new features, which is why Apple remains a true boundary-pusher in the global technology field.