Sprint iPhone Trade-in Program – Is It Worth It?

Sprint RetailerAll four major US telecom providers offer iPhone trade-in and other incentive programs. In 2018, Sprint kicked off upgrade season with offers for free iPhone XRs and iPhone XSs for qualifying trade-ins. Once again, Sprint has beaten the other major carriers to the punch offering steep discounts for Apple’s latest releases. Sprint’s iPhone Trade-in program sounds good, but how does it stand compared to the rest of the competition? We’ll dive into Sprint’s iPhone trade-in program, exploring the service and other options to help you decide which is the best choice for you.

What is Sprint’s iPhone Trade-in Program?

Sprint StoreSprint’s iPhone trade-in program offers you a free new iPhone with the trade-in of an eligible older iPhone. The program is quite narrow (although similar to other carriers). You can only trade-in an old iPhone (no Galaxies, or Pixels) and you must also sign up for a Sprint contract even if you purchase the device for its complete price at check-out. 

Sprint broadly divides used iPhones into two categories. Models from the iPhone SE to the iPhone 7+ start at $20.83 per month for a new iPhone 11. If you have any iPhone from the iPhone 8 to the iPhone XS Max, you’re eligible for a free iPhone 11 and an iPhone 11 Pro Max starting from $16.67 per month. 

What are the Benefits of Sprint’s Trade-in Program?

Smartphone for cashSprint’s trade-in program compares similarly other carrier upgrade programs. They all over similar value for your old phone and they all generally require a contract. With Sprint, you may be eligible for their Kickstart plan which is the most flexible option—it’s month to month instead of annual. This plan also starts at $25 per month for unlimited data, talk, and text. However, do note that only eligible new customers may apply for this plan. If you are previous Sprint customer or have credit issues, Sprint may deny your application for this rate. 

Overall, nothing makes Sprint’s plans stand out versus its competitors. The best thing about Sprint is that it’s trade-in website is very easy to use and you can get your order going within a few minutes. If you are already in the Sprint ecosystem or have moved to an area where Sprint offers the best cell coverage, Sprint’s trade-in program may be a good option for you. However, if you use another carrier or have/want an unlocked phone, this is not your best choice. 

What are the Drawbacks of Sprint’s Trade-in Program? 

Angry iPhone The disadvantages of Sprint’s trade-in program, like its advantages, are similar to other carrier upgrade plans. The biggest downside is that most of these upgrade plans are designed to lock you into lengthy, expensive contracts. Most people will only qualify for a minimum two-year contract. If you miss a payment or have to break the contract for some reason, expect to pay a hefty penalty. 

Another major problem with Sprint’s trade-in program is the resale for your phone. Whether you have a used 16 GB iPhone SE worth $35 or a used 256 GB iPhone 7 Plus worth $240, Sprint’s offering you the same value for these phones. If that doesn’t sound fair to you, it shouldn’t. Remember, Sprint and other carrier’s primary goal is to lock you into a contract, they don’t mind losing a little on a trade-in value to get as many customers as possible. Therefore, even if you are a dedicated Sprint customer you’re much better off selling your iPhone through a buyback platform and getting the most money for it. Then choosing a phone phone plan that suits your needs. 

How Does Sprint Compare to Other Trade-in Programs?

Amazon, Best Buy, and Game Stop are all major retailers that offer different iPhone trade-in programs. Each of these offers better resale value for your old phone. Compared to Sprint, you can get a few extra hundred dollars from each of these platforms. However, do note that Amazon and Best Buy only offer trade-in value meaning you get a gift card to their stores which you can them presumably use to buy the latest iPhone. 

However, if you find a better price elsewhere then you’re out of luck. Game Stop does offer a cash-based buyback option and is worth looking into particularly if you are a gamer or frequent customer of theirs as they also offer exclusive offers and discounts and games and other products when you trade in your old devices. 

How Does Sprint Compare to Buyback Services?

Buyback services like Buyback Boss offer you even more flexibility and better value for your old iPhone and other devices than the retailers above. With Buyback Boss, you get the highest price for your phone guaranteed. This means that if GameStop or Best Buy is offering a better quote for your used phone, all you do is simply send an email to Buyback Boss who will match or even beat their prices. 

More than anything, Buyback Boss offers you convenience and flexibility. You can instantly get a price for your used iPhone, print out a free shipping label, and get cash via Paypal or check in no time. With cash, you can buy your new phone at whatever retailer offers you the best options. For example, if Best Buy is offering a promotion with AT&T for a new phone and a great priced plan, you can choose there. Buyback Boss gives you the freedom and flexibility to shop around. 

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You also get the added convenience of selling your old phone when it works for you. You don’t have to worry about trading in your phone on the spot and wondering if you really synced all your data, apps, and contacts. Instead, you can purchase your new iPhone and take time to transition from your old phone to your new phone. When you’re absolutely certain you’ve gotten everything off your old device, then all you do is restore the phone to factory settings, de-link from your iCloud, and send to Buyback Boss. Buyback Boss even offers a 14-day price lock guarantee so don’t have to worry about the value of trade-in going down anytime soon! 

The Bottom Line: Sprint’s iPhone Trade-in Service isn’t Your Best Option

iPhone X for CashOverall, there’s nothing particularly bad about Sprint’s trade-in program when you compare it to other cellular upgrade plans. They all offer similar discounts and plans to incentivize you to sign up for a long term phone contract. However, the biggest problem with these types of trade-in program is that they don’t give you the full value of your phone. And Sprint leads the pack when it comes to this. They categorize the iPhone SE and the iPhone 7 Plus in the same range just as they do with iPhone 8s and the iPhone XS Max. This just isn’t fair to consumers. Even if you are a diehard Sprint loyalist, this doesn’t make sense. 

Instead, use Buyback Boss to get the highest value for your used iPhone. You can easily and conveniently sell your phone and get cash for it very quickly. From here, you can use the cash to put a downpayment on your new iPhone including on a Sprint plan. So try out Buyback Boss to get the highest resale price for your phone and take advantage of the flexibility it offers to find the best deal for you. 

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