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iPad / iPad Pro 12.9 Inch (2nd Gen)

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Sell Your iPad Pro 12.9 Inch (2nd Gen)

A couple of years after its release, your second-generation iPad Pro 12.9 Inch still has a good resale value, which means you will be getting quite a lot of money when you sell it online. Here at Buyback Boss, we have made the process easier than ever before. Now, you can sell your iPad and get your money within the shortest possible time without any hassle.

Our buyback program is packed with a wide variety of tools and features that will give you an exceptional trade-in experience all the way through. We will buy your devices despite their model, status, or condition.

Once you select your device from the list, tell us a little bit about it and we will send you an instant offer. Accept the offer if you like it, and you will be a few steps away from getting the highest payout ever for your device. What's more? You can even get a bigger offer when you sell multiple devices in a single order.

How to Sell Your iPad Pro 12.9 Inch (2nd Gen)

  1. Get an Instant Price Quote
    In a few seconds, we will give you an instant price quote for your device. Once you tell us about the configurations and condition of your iPad, we will reply you with an online offer immediately.
  2. Ship Your iPad to Us for Free
    After accepting our cash offer, ship your iPad over to us for free by printing and attaching your device's prepaid shipping label to your box. There's also an online tracking number that will tell you the exact location of your device every time.
  3. Get Your Payout
    Once we have your second-generation iPad 12.9 Inch, your money comes next. We will send your payment via PayPal or by check.

Why Sell to Buyback Boss?

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get Most Cash for my iPad Pro 12.9 Inch (2nd Gen)?
You can sell your second-generation iPad at the highest possible price when you deal with a reliable buyback program. You will surely get a price that beats whatever credits or pay that your network providers or classified online marketplaces will offer you. How much is my iPad Pro 12.9 Inch (2nd Gen) worth?
We will tell you the exact price of your iPad after we consider some criteria like its specific model and the cosmetic condition. An iPad in good condition will sell for more than the one in a bad state, but you have nothing to lose when you trade-in with Buyback Boss as you are getting a nice payout either way. If you want to know the worth of your device before you go ahead and sell, go through our online quoting process in a few steps and a price quote immediately. Does the offer come with any guarantee?
Yes, it does! We have a price-matching guarantee that matches a better offer from our competitor to give you the highest payout.
Can I sell a broken iPad Pro 12.9 Inch (2nd Gen)?
Yes! We buy every iPad ranging from brand new to used or completely broken. It doesn't matter what category your iPad belongs to, if you decide to sell it to us, we will buy it for a good price. Is a buyback program the best place to sell my iPad Pro 12.9 Inch (2nd Gen)?
Yes! When you sell your iPad Pro 12.9 Inch (2nd Gen) to a buyback program, you will end up with the highest price on the market. Unlike some classified websites that charge money to create a listing, ship your device, or complete a transaction, a buyback program charges nothing. Everything is totally free, and you will not have to meet directly with a buyer before you can sell your iPad Pro. How does the iPad Pro 12.9 Inch (2nd Gen) trade-in program work?
Our iPad Pro 12.9 Inch (2nd Gen) trade-in program works in a way that gives you an instant offer when you specify the details of your device. If you choose to accept it, go ahead and complete the checkout process before you can ship your device for free. And as we have stated earlier, we will cover the shipping costs. Once your iPad Pro is here with us, we will inspect, verify, and send your money.