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It's 2019, and by any indication, your iPad Mini is no longer the most desired compact-sized tablet that it used to be. Now, there's only one way to sell it quickly, conveniently, and for the most cash, and that is Buyback Boss. When you sell your iPad Mini to Buyback Boss, you will enjoy the services of a reliable buyback program and all its benefits.

Here at Buyback Boss, our offers are unbeatable, our order process is quick, and we have one of the fastest payment delivery services in the business. We will go the extra mile to make the entire process smooth and seamless for you. The moment you start selling to us, you will always want to come back for more.

Start with our unbeatable instant offer. Briefly tell us about your iPad Mini, and we'll let you know exactly how much it's worth. Should you accept our offer, we'll get you everything you need to make the most money at the time of sale.

How to Sell Your iPad Mini

  1. Get a Quote
    In a few sentences, describe the specifications and condition of your iPad Mini to us, and we will reply with an instant offer.
  2. Ship Your iPad
    If you accept our price quote, package your iPad and ship it for free. Make sure you print out your prepaid shipping label, which includes the online tracking number- and we will pay the shipping costs for you.
  3. Get Paid
    As soon as your iPad Mini arrives, we will check it over before we send your money across. You can select either PayPal or check as your preferred payment method.

Why Sell to Buyback Boss?

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is my iPad Mini worth?
To find out how the exact worth of your iPad Mini, complete our online quoting process by answering a few questions. When you do, we will reply with a price quote that will tell you what you will be taking home after you sell your device. Newer iPads usually sell for more than older iPads. But you can collect a nice payout either way when you sell your device to Buyback Boss! Do I have to sell my iPad Mini if I get a quote?
No, you may choose not to go ahead with the checkout process even after getting a quote. One thing you should know, however, is that the price-lock feature will not be available until you complete the checkout process. Is a buyback program the best place to sell my iPad Mini?
Yes. The efficiency and unbeatable offer of a buyback program make them the best place to sell all your new, used or broken devices. You don't have to create a listing or check around every market place for the right buyer. Once you complete the checkout process, your device is sold, and all you have to wait for is your payment.
How does the iPad Mini trade-in program work?
Our iPad Mini trade-in program works in a way that allows you to get an instant offer, accept immediately, and ship in your device for free. The moment your iPad Mini arrives, we will inspect to verify and send your payment by Check or PayPal. P.S. Buyback Boss will not buy an iPad that has been previously reported as lost or stolen. How do I get paid for my iPad Mini?
We will send your money through your preferred payment method. Usually, you will be asked to choose between PayPal or check. You can't get it wrong either way because the payment comes in swift and fast all the time. Can I sell a broken iPad Mini?
We will buy your broken iPad Mini regardless of condition.