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Samsung Galaxy Note 4

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Sell Your Galaxy Note 4

Sell your old Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to Buyback Boss and get some fast spending cash without any hassle. At Buyback Boss, we will make that come true for you with our reliable and trustworthy buyback program. Want to know how it works? Here we go:

The moment you are ready to sell your phone, head over to our website, and select your device from the list. Tell us a little bit about your device and get an instant price quote in return. If you like the price quote, accept it, and you will just be a few steps away from shipping for your phone without paying a dime. If you choose to proceed, we will give you access to all our handy tools and features that will guide you towards making the most out of the trade-in process.

We buy any phone regardless of its condition. Even if you have a broken phone that no longer functions, we will still buy it for a fair price. Our buyback program offers exceptional trade-in experience for everybody with many customer-oriented features and guarantees that cannot be found elsewhere.

How to Sell Your Galaxy Note 4

  1. Get a Quote
    Before you can sell your phone to our buyback program, we require that you tell us briefly about its configurations and condition. This will enable us to come up with a fair price quote, and it won't take up to a minute of your time.
  2. Ship Your Phone
    If we give you a quote and you like it, go ahead to accept the offer and get ready to ship your device. Shipping is free and comes at no extra cost. Once you print out your phone's prepaid shipping label, arrange your phone in a box and ship. You can even track your phone as it moves with the online tracking number provided on the label.
  3. Get Paid
    Once your phone arrives, we will inspect to verify its condition and send your money by Check or PayPal.

Why Sell to Buyback Boss?

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is my Galaxy Note 4 worth?
Find out exactly how much your Galaxy Note 4 is worth by going through our online quoting process. Supply the basic details of your phone in a couple of steps and get an instant price quote. We usually consider the specific model and condition of a phone before we arrive at a fair price point for it. This is why most phones that are in good condition will sell for a much better price than those in a bad state. This shouldn't bother you though, as Buyback Boss will offer an unbeatable rate either way! Can I sell a broken Galaxy Note 4?
Yes, you can! We will buy any phone in any condition, even if it is broken. You can trade in all your phones with cracked screens, water damage, and other related issues. Is a buyback program the best place to sell my Galaxy Note 4?
With everything that we know about buyback programs, we can tell you point-blank that they are the best and right place to sell your phone. Many buyback programs offer free shipping service and other customer-oriented features that will guarantee easy selling, fast payment, and the highest payout. You just cannot get it wrong with a reliable buyback program like Buyback Boss.
How does the Galaxy Note 4 trade-in program work?
Check out our online quoting tool and tell us a little bit about your phone. We will give you an instant price quote, which, if you like the price, you can accept and proceed to ship your phone without paying a dime. Just print out your prepaid shipping label and send in your phone for free. After receiving and verifying the condition and status of your phone, we will send your money immediately. How do I get paid for my Galaxy Note 4?
Select between payment by Check or PayPal to collect your money any time you sell your phone to us. Do I have to sell my Galaxy Note 4 if I get a quote?
No! You don't have to checkout or enter your email if you are not ready to sell. The only time you will need to complete the checkout process is if you want to activate our price lock feature and be provided a pre-paid shipping label.