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Samsung / Galaxy S8 Plus

Sell Your Galaxy S8 Plus

As your Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus continues to age, we continue to see some steady drop in its price and resale value. With the release of newer Galaxy phones, it can only get worse. Why not sell it online now and make the most money while you still can?

Buyback Boss operates a smooth and efficient buyback program that offers the highest price for every used phone. You will notice how we have tailored each aspect of our buyback service to the convenience and utmost satisfaction of every user. Now, you can bring your phone no matter the status or condition, and we will buy it from you instantly. We will never charge for shipping or any additional cost.

Ready to get started? Just tell us about your phone and we will send you an offer instantly. If the offer falls within your expectations, accept it, and you will have tons of useful tips and guidelines at your fingertips to complete the process.

How to Sell Galaxy S8 Plus

  1. Get a Quote
    We will give you a quote for your Galaxy S8 Plus if you can tell us briefly about the specifications and conditions of your phone.
  2. Ship Your Phone
    If our quoted price is okay with you, you can accept it and proceed to ship your device. And here's the good news; Buyback Boss' free shipping service covers every device - including your Galaxy S8 Plus. Once you print out your phone's prepaid shipping label, arrange your phone in a box and ship. You can monitor the movement of your phone with the online tracking number provided with the label.
  3. Get Paid
    Once your device gets to us, we will carry out some quick verification tests and approve your payment immediately. We send out money to customers through Check or PayPal.

Why Sell to Buyback Boss?

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is my Galaxy S8 Plus worth?
We will be able to decide the price of your Galaxy S8 Plus if once certain requirements like the condition and specific model of your phone are provided. This is because phones that are in good condition sell at a higher price than phones in a bad state. However, we'll give you the fair market value for all phones in any condition. You can check out our online quoting process to get a quote for your device within seconds. Can I sell a broken Galaxy S8 Plus?
Yes, of course! We will always buy a broken Galaxy S8 Plus that doesn't power on for a fair price. Is a buyback program the best place to sell my Galaxy S8 Plus?
Yes, and for valid reasons. Buyback programs will provide you offer quick and efficient ways of selling your phone without any hassle. You can sell your phone and get a quote within minutes without paying a dime to create a listing or ship your device.
How does the Galaxy S8 Plus trade-in program work?
The Galaxy S8 trade-in program is simple and straightforward. Log on to our website to answer a few questions about your Galaxy S8 Plus. We will then provide you with an offer to match your answers and a prepaid shipping label that will allow you to ship your phone to us for free. As soon as we have your phone, we will inspect your device before sending your payment through your preferred payment method. How do I get paid for my Galaxy S8 Plus?
Buyback Boss won't leave you waiting for your money. We process and approve payments via Check or PayPal. Do I have to sell my Galaxy S8 Plus if I get a quote?
No, not in the least. You are not under any obligation to complete the checkout process once you get a quote. You can come right to us whenever you are ready to sell your phone, and we will buy it instantly.