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iPhone / iPhone 5S

Sell Your iPhone 5S

Your old iPhone 5S goes for a much higher price than you think if you sell it to Buyback Boss. Want to know how that's possible? It's simple. Just get a quote from our online tool and accept - we guarantee you won't find a higher rate. After that, you are ready to ship your phone.

We have made the entire process simple and speedy quick, so selling your iPhone is seamless from start to finish. Over the years, Buyback Boss has created an exceptional brand image that gives our esteemed customers the confidence to transact with us safely whenever and wherever they want.

We understand your iPhone 5S is quite old and may have been cracked, damaged, or broken over the years for whatever reasons. But that doesn't stop us from buying whenever you are ready to sell it to us. You can even earn a bigger check when you sell your old iPhones to us in a single order - all without having to create a listing or take on the shipping costs.

How to Sell Your iPhone 5S

  1. Get an Instant Online Quote
    Once you are ready to sell your iPhone 5S, head over to our online platform to get a quote. The process is simple and easy We only require you to share some details with us about your phone before we send you an instant offer.
  2. Ship Your Phone
    If you accept the offer, the next thing is to send your iPhone 5S over to us. Shipping is free because we cover all shipping costs. You only have to print out your prepaid shipping label and attach firmly to your packaging box. We will also provide you with an online tracking number that will tell you the exact location of your device is at all times.
  3. Get Paid via Check or PayPal
    We will process your payment once we have your iPhone 5S with us. Usually, we pay our customers either by Check or PayPal.

Why Sell to Buyback Boss?

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is my iPhone 5S worth?
To determine the actual worth of your iPhone 5S, we will have to identify a few details about your iPhone. For instance - the specific capacity, model, and the condition of your device. Newer phones usually attract a better rate than older models, but the good news is a good offer awaits you for both when you sell to Buyback Boss.

You can check out our online quoting tool to find out the market value of your iPhone 5S, anytime.

Can I sell a broken iPhone 5S?
Here at Buyback Boss, we buy all types of iPhones in any condition. We will offer a fair price for a completely broken iPhone 5S whenever you decide to sell it to us. Even if your phone was rejected on another platform, bring it to us, and we'll buy it! Is a buyback program the best place to sell my iPhone 5S?
Of course, Yes! An ideal buyback program offers the most seamless and enjoyable selling process for your iPhone 5S. You don't need to open a listing or wait for buyers to come along when you sell your phone to a buyback program. You won't even have to pay for shipping!
How does the iPhone 5S trade-in program work?
Our iPhone 5S program can be summarized in four easy steps. Get an instant offer, accept, checkout, and get paid.

Our instant online quoting tool will quickly evaluate your device using the information you provided and give you a quote. If you like it, accept the offer. Complete the checkout process and get ready to ship your device. We will send your money once we receive your device.

How do I get paid for my iPhone 5S?
We pay our customers via Check or PayPal. Select the one that is best for you for quick payment. Do I have to sell my iPhone 5S if I get a quote?
You can get a quote for your device at any time. However, you don't have to sell if you are not ready. One thing to keep in mind, however, is your price won't be locked in until you complete checkout.