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Sell Your Google Pixel 3 XL

Sell your Google Pixel 3 XL online without stress. At Buyback Boss, our trade-in process comes with a wide range of tools and features that will give you an unforgettable buyback experience. Now, you can quickly trade in your Google Pixel 3 XL for some quick cash online, which can later be set toward your next upgrade or spent on your urgent needs.

Our trade-in process represents the true value of your device and offers an exceptional experience for every user. Once you receive an instant offer and accept it, we will give you the highest payout for your device.

Even if your Pixel 3 XL is cracked, smudged, or completely broken, you can still bring it to us, and we will buy it for a fair price. It doesn't end there; we will cover all shipping costs and offer a bigger check for all your old phones.

How to Sell Your Google Pixel 3 XL

  1. Get a Quote
    Once you get started, we will give you a price quote for Google Pixel 3 XL within 30 seconds. Just give us a brief description of your phone's specs and conditions, and we will reply with an instant cash offer.
  2. Ship Your Phone
    After accepting our cash offer, the next step is to send in your Pixel 3 XL. We offer free shipping service for every device, which means we will cover the shipping costs of your phone. Just make sure that you print and attach your phone's prepaid shipping label to your shipping box before you send in your phone. You can also use the online tracking number on the shipping label to track the location of your phone while in transit.
  3. Get Your Money
    When you ship your phone and we receive it, your payment comes next. We will send your money either by check or PayPal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is my Google Pixel 3 XL worth?
Your Google Pixel 3 XL will have to undergo our online quoting process before we can tell you its worth. Just answer some specific questions about it, and you will have the price right away. Usually, we will consider some criteria like the specific capacity model, network status, cosmetic condition, and a host of others before we come up with a price. For instance, a new or well-maintained Google Pixel 3 XL will have a higher resale value than older models. Can I sell a broken Google Pixel 3 XL?
Yes, you can. We won't mind if your phone is shiny new or completely broken before we buy it. We will also buy your old phones in a single order and give you a bigger payout. How does the Google Pixel 3 XL buyback program work?
Our Google Pixel 3 XL buyback program has a simple and straightforward trade-in and checkout process. Once we give you a price quote and you accept it, proceed to ship your phone for free after receiving a prompt to print out your device's prepaid shipping label. As soon as we receive your phone, we will quickly verify it before we send your payment.
How will I get paid for my Google Pixel 3 XL?
We deliver payments through check or PayPal. Just select whichever you like for easy and quick payment delivery. Is a buyback program the best place to sell my Google Pixel 3 XL?
We strongly believe that a buyback program is the best place to sell your phone and get the highest cash value in return. From the ease of use to quick trade-in process and fast payment, a buyback program is designed to give you an exceptional trade-in experience all around. Do I have to sell my Google Pixel 3 XL if I get a quote?
No, not at all! We will only tell you the actual worth of your phone but will never force you to sell if you aren't ready. However, you may have to complete the checkout process if you want to enjoy our intuitive price-lock feature.