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Sell Your iPod

Want to trade-in your iPod online for cash? We will give you the best offer. At Buyback Boss, we have tailored our trade-in services to meet the demands of everybody.

It doesn't matter if you have a Nano iPod or the touch-receptive iPod Touch, you will get the highest price for all your old and new iPod models. From shiny new models to very old iterations, you can sell your device and feel comfortable while doing it.

Discover easy and convenient ways of selling your iPod for the best rate at Buyback Boss. Even if you have an iPod that doesn't function anymore, we will still buy it from you.

Our all-inclusive buyback program will make trading in your iPod smooth and seamless from start to finish. Just specify the model and condition of your iPod, and we will give you a fair and corresponding price.

You can even pocket more money when you trade-in multiple devices at once. It's just as simple as that!

How to Sell Your iPod

  1. Get an Instant Quote
    Tell us about your iPod and get an offer within a few seconds. At Buyback Boss, we will ask some quick questions about your device. And these questions may include its specific model and condition. Once you give us the answers, we will respond with an instant cash offer.
  2. Ship Your iPod
    After agreeing to the terms and conditions of our offer, shipping your iPod comes next. You don't have to bother about the shipping fee because we will cover the cost for you. Just print out the prepaid shipping tag for your iPod and send it over to us. We will also provide you with an online tracking number to monitor the movement of your device while in transit.
  3. Get Paid
    After your iPod is here with us, we may need to quickly verify it to confirm that it is exactly as described before we send your payment. Select between PayPal or Check for easy and prompt payment at all times.

Why Sell to Buyback Boss?

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is my iPod worth?
Apple's iPod line-up is a large family. And with many models making up the list, you will have to follow the procedures on our online quoting process to know the actual worth of your specific iPod model. Newer iPod models in pristine condition will sell for more than older models from way back. However, there's nothing like a bad device with Buyback Boss as we offer a fair price regardless of your iPod's model or condition. Can I sell a broken iPod?
You can, of course! We buy any iPod from all walks of life. Feel free to bring in all your defective and broken iPods to us for a fair price. Do I have to sell my iPod if I get a quote?
We will never make it compulsory for you to sell your iPod before it after we give you a price quote. You need to complete the checkout process for your device to be eligible for our price lock guarantee.
How does the iPod trade-in program work?
Get an instant cash offer firm our online quoting process and proceed to accept and checkout if you like what you see. We will make you a prepaid shipping label that will enable us to cover all your shipping costs when you send in your iPod. We will send your money over to you when we receive and inspect your iPod. How do I get paid for my iPod?
For every device you sell to Buyback Boss, payment is made through PayPal or Check. Select your most preferred choice out of the two methods and receive your money quickly and in full every time. Is a buyback program the best place to sell my iPod?
Yes, it is, and that's by all standards. No other platforms come close to the overall exceptional trade-in services of a buyback program. With a buyback program, you can sell your phone at the best price without creating a listing or paying for shipping. The entire buyback process is always easy, smooth, and convenient.