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Sell Your Apple Watch

If you own an Apple device, your ensemble may never be complete without an Apple Watch. From accurate timekeeping to real-time notifications and health and fitness tracking, you do things more conveniently on your wrist.

However, the Smartwatch market is one area where there's still room for a lot of improvements. That's why Apple and some other OEMs are constantly coming up with new Smartwatch models and designs.

If you are looking to sell your old Apple Watch online to offset the cost of a newer model, we have the best trade-in services in place just for you. Our buyback program comes with all the tools and features that will make your trade-in easy, quick, and profitable. Even if your Watch is bad or non-functional, we will still give you a fair offer for it.

We run a buyback program that is fast, safe, and secure. It doesn't require direct meetings with buyers or creating a listing.

You can tell us a bit about the specific model of your Apple Watch and its condition for an instant cash offer that will meet your expectations.

How to Sell Your Apple Watch

  1. Get a Quote
    Want to sell your Apple Watch to our buyback program? Then answer a few questions about your device and we will match your answers with an instant cash offer.
  2. Send in Your Apple Watch
    If our cash offer looks pleasing to you, accept it and package your Apple Watch for shipping. At Buyback Boss, we will cover the shipping costs of your Watch regardless of its condition or specific model. We will prompt you to print out your Watch's prepaid shipping label. And once you do, you will automatically become eligible for our free shipping service. You can also keep a tab on your Apple Watch's movement in real-time, thanks to the online tracking number available on the model.
  3. Get Your Money
    When you send in your Apple Watch and we receive it, we will quickly verify it and send your money by Check or PayPal.

Why Sell to Buyback Boss?

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is my Apple Watch worth?
The actual worth of your Apple Watch is dependent on some specific factors and criteria. These criteria include but not limited to the specific model of your Apple Watch and its condition. While newer Apple Watch models will sell for more than older ones, you will still get a fair price for an old Apple Watch at Buyback Boss. You can find out how much we will pay for your Watch when you go through our quoting process and tell us about your device.

Can I sell a broken Apple Watch?
Sure, you can! We will not reject your old, cracked, or completely broken Apple Watch when you sell it to us. Is a buyback program the best place to sell my Apple Watch?
Buyback programs are the right place to sell your Apple Watch, and we are very sure of that! A buyback program will give you the highest monetary value of your Apple Watch regardless of its model or cosmetic condition. Even when you are very busy and need to quickly sell your device for some cool cash, buyback programs' instant offer does it for you. You can do everything within a short time without setting up a direct meeting with buyers or pay for shipping.
How does the Apple Watch trade-in program work?
It starts with our online quoting process, where you will get an instant offer once you answer some questions. If you like the offer and accept it, you can proceed to checkout and ship your Watch without paying a dime in shipping costs. The moment your Apple Watch gets to its destination, we will verify it and forward your money quickly via Check or PayPal. Do I have to pay to ship my Apple Watch?
No, not at all! Here at Buyback Boss, we offer free shipping service for all devices that complete our checkout process. We will provide you with a prepaid shipping label for your specific Watch model, which, when you attach it to your shipping box, will allow us to cover the shipping costs for you. Does the offer include any guarantee?
Yes! Your offer comes with both price lock guarantee and price match guarantee that will ensure that you get the most cash from your trade-in.