How to Sell Your iPhone for Parts

If you have an iPhone and you’re thinking about getting a newer version, then you may be pondering what you should do with your current one. One of the most obvious options is to sell it for parts. Let’s go over where you can sell your older iPhone for parts, some of the benefits of doing so, and also how much you’re likely to get for the different versions.

Can You Sell an iPhone for Parts?

The answer to this query is yes. Even if your iPhone is one of the older versions or it’s not in the best condition, you needn’t throw it away or think that you can’t get anything for it. If yours is one of the earliest versions of the phone or it’s damaged, then you might not necessarily get top dollar for it, but something is always better than nothing.

Sell Your iPhone for Parts

Why Sell an iPhone for Parts?

The most obvious reason to sell an iPhone for parts is if it is broken to the point that it is not repairable. If it’s working, then there’s no need to sell it for parts. You can sell it to an individual or a buyback program, and they can get some further use out of it.

If your iPhone has been inoperable for a while, though, then it is like owning a car that has been totaled. You aren’t going to be able to sell it with the hope of getting much money for it. Still, some entities exist which will break the phone down and use some of the internal components, and they’ll be willing to give you at least a little bit of money with that intention in mind.

iPhone and Money

Can You Sell a Locked iPhone?

Maybe you have an iPhone that is locked. If so, you might be wondering whether you can still sell it for parts. First, let’s be sure that you understand what we mean when we say “locked.”

A locked iPhone is one where the Activation Lock feature on the phone has been activated. This is a feature created by Apple, which makes it difficult for thieves to resell or use stolen iPhones. When this feature is enabled, you’ll have to use your password and Apple ID to erase the phone and restore it to the factory settings. Maybe you have an iPhone that is locked which you are trying to sell for parts, but for whatever reason, you aren’t able to unlock it.

It would appear based on this feature that only criminals would be trying to sell a locked iPhone, but that’s not the case at all. You might be the owner of the iPhone, but you’ve been locked out of it because you’ve forgotten your Apple ID or password.

Luckily, there is nothing to stop you from selling a locked iPhone, provided that you find a buyer for it. Most buyback venders require that a phone be unlocked before they purchase it, so you probably won’t have any luck there. You can still find a private buyer, though, who might be willing to take the phone off your hands and break it down for parts.

If you go this route, though, keep this in mind. If your iPhone is locked and the person to whom you sell it has a method of unlocking it, then they’ll have access to all of your data. Therefore, if you sell a locked iPhone to someone, be sure that it’s a person you trust enough to erase all of your data if they do unlock the device. Usually, it’s better to do all that you can to try and unlock the phone before you sell it to avoid this potential issue.

Unlocked iPhone

Can You Sell a Water-Damaged iPhone?

If your iPhone has water damage, then can you can still sell it for parts? Well,you could “sell” it back to Apple, but they’re not going to give you cash for it. Instead, they will provide you with a gift card. You may not like that option as much as getting money. However, if you planned on buying a new iPhone or picking up some other Apple products, then this is at least an option worth considering.

iPhones come with a liquid contact indicator dot. It’s located at the bottom of the headphone jack. If excessmoisture has come in contact with the phone, then this dot will appear pink or red instead of silver or white.

If you insist on getting cash rather than store credit, then you should know that we here at Buyback Boss do purchase water-damaged iPhones. If you want to sell your phone for parts, then we’re a viable option. We assess the phone and send you the money via PayPal or by check.

Sell Water-Damaged iPhone for Parts

How Much Can You Get When You Sell the Different iPhone Models for Parts?

Since there have been several iterations of the iPhone that have come out over the years and newer ones are more desirable, then it makes sense that you’d get more money for more recent versions that have more advanced tech. That’s going to be true regardless of whether you’re selling the phone to be broken down for parts or some other reason. An original iPhone is not going to command nearly as much money as one that came out this year. Let’s look at some dollar amounts that Buyback Boss offers.

If you have an iPhone 5 that is factory unlocked and has 64 GB of storage, then you’re looking at an offer of $2. For an iPhone 6, factory unlocked, with 32 GB of storage, the offer is $55. As you can see, you’re looking at quite a difference based solely on the model of phone and how desirable it is.

If you have a used iPhone 7 that is factory unlocked and has 256 GB of storage, then the offer is $135. Newer iPhones command more money, but the amount of storage that each device has also plays a huge part in how much cash you can get for it. A used iPhone 8 that is factory unlocked and has 256 GB of storage will fetch you $280. An iPhone X, used and factory unlocked, with 256 GB of storage, will bring back $455.

It’s quite a difference depending on storage, the phone model, and the device’s condition. You can also look elsewhere besides Buyback Boss, though we will beat any offer from a competing website.

If you’re planning on selling your iPhone for parts, keep this in mind: there’s almost always a buyer for something if you look hard enough. In addition to buyback programs like Buyback Boss, there are sites like eBay and Craigslist.

Sell Your iPhone on eBay

If you have a newer version of the iPhone that you’re willing to part with, then it’s probably not a bad idea to look into a few different selling options to see where you can get the most money. You needn’t necessarily accept the first offer unless you’re pressed for cash. If you get a few different quotes, then you can choose between them, and hopefully, you’ll be able to get an amount that seems fair to you based on the phone’s condition.