Sell Xbox One

An Xbox One is a cool gaming console for every gamer and enthusiast. Only that, there have been quite a lot of upgrades on it since its creation. This means you are either using one because you want to, or just can’t seem to get rid of it. What can you do? Sell it for some cash! Where? To Buyback Boss!

It doesn’t matter whether your Xbox One is broken or too old. We will pay you for it!

A custom price quote is easy to get on Buyback Boss. Just fill out the form we provide online by telling us about your Xbox One, and we’ll give you a very fast offer.

A buyback program is one of the best ways to sell your used devices. So if you have a couple of other devices along with your Xbox One, we’ll pay you what they’re all worth. That’s more money in your pocket!

Xbox One

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How to Sell Your Xbox One


Get a Custom Price Quote

For a fast quote on your Xbox One, fill the form provided with details that best describe your Xbox One gaming console so that we can perform a trade-in.


Ship Your Xbox One

This is one of the easiest parts because you don’t get to pay a dollar to ship your Xbox One to us! Paste the prepaid shipping label to a package carrying your device and send it to us. You’ll also receive an online tracking number to keep track of your Xbox One.


Get Paid

We only have to inspect your device before sending your cash through Check or PayPal

Why Sell to Buyback Boss?


Unbeatable Cash Offer

If you choose to sell your Xbox One to Buyback Boss, we will save you the stress of surfing through multiple online platforms in search of the best offer or your device. This is because we offer some of the best prices in the business, and we are ready to match a better offer from our competitors, should there be any.


Safe and Secure Selling Process

We know that there are many options to sell your devices. But we guarantee your Xbox One will go through a safe process. What’s more, you don’t have to move to perform any trade-in.


Free Shipping on All Orders

Shipping your Xbox One to us is totally free!


Unbeatable Support Team

In terms of support, there are only a few that can match up to us. All inquiries will be met by an eager and professional customer support team.


No Bait and Switch Offers

At Buyback Boss, we make you custom price quotes that won’t change at any time. Thanks to a 14-day price lock guarantee that you can take advantage of.


Speedy Payouts

After a very fast offer, accept our terms and send your Xbox One to us. We’ll inspect it and give you a speedy payout.


Trusted by Over 50,000 Customers

With a lot of customers using our services, it’s a no-brainer for you to join the over 50,000 bases we have. It’s all about trust, and we won’t disappoint you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is my Xbox One worth?

We will let you know the monetary value of your Xbox One based on the state of your device, its properties, and the model. We will consider all those and make you a very fast offer. 

Does the offer come with any guarantee?

Sure! A price lock that is guaranteed for 14 days within which you will receive exactly the same price offered at the time of sale.

Similarly, we also offer a price match guarantee if you get a better offer from our competitors.

How does this buyback program compare to others?

Our program is run by people who understand the needs of their customers. Also, we have one of the best quotes and the fastest cash payouts in the buyback business.

What’s more? Ours is a smooth and seamless buyback program that can be completed in the comfort of your room.

How do I ship my Xbox One?

When you receive the quoted offer and accept it, you will be given a shipping label. Paste the label on a package with your Xbox One, and ship to us at Buyback Boss.

Is it a good time to sell my Xbox One?

Xbox One is one device in a pool of many upgrades out there. So it’s time to sell it for cash you might even need to get a better device. Further, if your Xbox One is broken, it’s a good time to sell it to Buyback Boss.

Do I have to pay to ship my Xbox One?

No. Shipping your Xbox One or any other device remains 100% free! Buyback Boss’s free shipping service covers every completed order process.

Am I obligated to sell my Xbox One if I get an offer?

No! At no point will Buyback Boss ask you to sell your Xbox One to us. It’s completely up to you to decide whether to sell or not. We only demand that you follow the checkout process as it helps to lock in your offer.