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Got a Wacom tablet you want to trade for cash? Trust Buyback Boss to give you the best offer for it! It doesn’t matter what shape your Wacom tablet is in; you will get the highest quote and subsequent payout for it when you patronize our buyback program.

Simply tell us more about your Wacom tablet, including its specifications and whether it’s old or new. We’ll take a look at your information and tell you what we think your device is worth.

We run an all-inclusive, effective, and convenient buyback program that’s simple to follow from whatever location you choose.

Also, our payments are just as fast for your device trade-in. And if you have more to sell along with your Wacom tablet, put them all in one order process, and we’ll pay you more money for them!

Wacom Tablet

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How to Sell Your Wacom Tablet


Get a Custom Cash Offer

Tell us about your Wacom tablet and get a cash offer very quickly. At Buyback Boss, we will ask some quick questions about your Wacom tablet, after which we make a quality offer.


Ship Your Wacom Tablet

After agreeing to the terms and conditions of our custom cash offer, shipping your Wacom tablet comes next. You don’t have to bother about the shipping costs because Buyback Boss will pay for it.

Only print out the prepaid shipping label of your Wacom tablet and send it over to us. The label further comes with an online tracking number to keep tabs on the movement of your device to us.


Get Paid

We only have to verify the condition of your Panasonic Wacom tablet before paying you through PayPal or check.

Why Sell to Buyback Boss?


Easy and Convenient

From the comfort of your home, you can complete a trade-in for your Wacom tablet. It’s that easy with a process rigged to work for you.


14-Day Price Lock Guarantee

Here at Buyback Boss, the offer we make at the point of sale for your Wacom tablet, is exactly what we process during payment.


100% Safe and Secure Selling Process

We take every necessary step to keep our buyback program completely safe and secure all through a trade-in for your devices. Our track record is one of remarkable safety.


Unbeatable Customer Service

We have a reliable customer service team that is set up to walk you through any step you may find difficult. We are with you during and after the trade-in for your Wacom tablet.


100% Free Shipping

Buyback Boss will not remove a cent from your money to cover the cost of shipping your Wacom tablet!


Speedy Payouts

Sell your Wacom tablet to Buyback Boss, and get your payment within the shortest time frame.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is my Wacom tablet worth?

You’ll know what your Wacom tablet is worth when you use our simple checkout process. Further, we will consider a few things like its cosmetic condition, capabilities, and other important details before putting a custom price quote on it.

Can I sell a broken Wacom tablet?

Yes! With Buyback Boss, there’s nothing like a bad or damaged device. So you can sell your broken, cracked, chipped, or water-damaged Wacom tablet to us.

Do I have to sell my Wacom tablet if I get a quote?

We never make it compulsory for customers to sell any device to us. No part of the trade-in process has this feature. But you must use our checkout process to lock in an offer for your Wacom tablet.

How does the Wacom tablet trade-in program work?

Receive a very fast custom cash offer from our online quoting tool for your Wacom tablet and proceed to accept it. Proceed to checkout if you like what you see. Print a prepaid shipping label for your Wacom tablet in order to qualify for our free shipping service. We will send your cash over to you after we get and assess your device.

How do I get paid for my Wacom tablet?

There are two easy and safe ways for this – Check or PayPal.

Is a buyback program the best place to sell my Wacom tablet?

Of course, and that’s after noting that other alternatives are not up to scratch. For instance, with Buyback Boss, you can sell your Wacom tablet without creating listings or paying to ship your device to us. It’s a very secure, easy, and smooth way to complete a trade-in process.