Sell Thinkpad

A ThinkPad is a great device to have, especially if you are a student or want to run some games that aren’t quite heavy in terms of the space they occupy. But you might want more when you want something more reliable or built for long-term use. How? Consider a trade-in process with Buyback Boss in exchange for cool cash you could use for an upgrade.

The entire experience will be a simple one when you fill our online form with details that best describe your ThinkPad. We will send you a custom cash offer, which, if you accept, will set you on the right path to get the most value in cash for your device.

Furthermore, Buyback Boss offers you the option of selling multiple devices for bigger Checks! It sure beats going for listings that would take a lot of time or leaving your home for uncertainties.


Get a Quote

How to Sell Your Thinkpad


Get a Custom Price Quote

For a custom price quote, fill the form provided online with details about the condition and specifications of your ThinkPad. Then we will issue the quote.


Ship Your ThinkPad

Does our custom price quote suit you? Great! Time for a trade-in that you will absolutely appreciate. 

Just paste a shipping label on a box with your ThinkPad inside and ship it to us. You won’t pay for this service, as we bear all costs, and you will also receive an online tracking number to keep track of your ThinkPad.


Get Paid via Check or PayPal

After inspecting your ThinkPad, we will pay you via Check or PayPal.

Why Sell to Buyback Boss?


Highest Payouts Guaranteed

The payouts on Buyback Boss are rated among the best in the industry. Did you receive better for your ThinkPad on a different platform? Send us a direct mail, and we will update your offer quickly. 


14-Day Price Lock

The custom cash offer we give you for your ThinkPad comes with a 14-day price lock. It won’t change during this period.


Easy and Convenient Trade-in Process

Buyback Boss offers you a process and experience that is entirely easy and convenient for you! With just a few mouse clicks, you can get deals completed from the comfort of your home!


No Hidden Charges or Transaction Fees

Every custom price quote is unique to the condition of your device. As such, we go straight to the point on our offers without any hidden cost.


Sell Multiple Devices

Along with your old, broken, or used ThinkPad, you could sell similar devices to Buyback Boss for more money. We are ready to make a quick and bigger offer when you offload your old cell phone drawer and sell it to us in one fell swoop.


Trusted by Over 50,000 Customers

There are tons of reasons many people trust us, including our speed of delivery and the fact that we go the extra mile to perform a seamless trade-in. With more than 50,000 satisfied customers, you cannot go wrong with Buyback Boss.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is my ThinkPad worth?

To find out exactly your ThinkPad is worth; you have to first fill out your device’s details, including its specifications, capacity, and current cosmetic condition, in an online form that will be made available to you during the trade-in process.

The custom price quote you get will depend on these details. But you should have it in mind that newer devices usually end up getting the highest price. 

Is it a good time to sell my ThinkPad?

If you have a ThinkPad you no longer trust or is damaged, now is a good time to sell it to Buyback Boss. There are quite a number of capable replacements for your ThinkPad device if you are looking to upgrade right now.

Even if you just want to raise some fast cash for your urgent needs quickly, you will be getting the best price if you sell it to our program right away. Otherwise, its value depreciates every day, and you may eventually have to settle for less if you do not sell it now.

Do I have to bear the shipping costs of my ThinkPad?

No, not at all! Shipping your ThinkPad to us doesn’t attract any fee to you.

Is a buyback program the best place to sell my ThinkPad?

Our answer will always be yes. This is because Buyback Boss offers you the best advantages that you can ever seek from a buyback program.

From the ease of use and convenience to safety, fast payment, and sale of multiple devices at once, you are better off with a buyback program.

Can I sell a broken ThinkPad?

Absolutely! A broken, water-damaged, or old ThinkPad is still appealing to us. So you can sell it to us.

Am I obligated to sell my ThinkPad if I get an offer?

Not at all! We don’t operate like that. But you are encouraged to follow the simple checkout process if you want to enjoy our 14-day price lock guarantee on every completed order.