Sell Surface Studio

A Surface Studio that’s new and in pristine condition would make for a nice productivity tool, considering its array of features that will make your viewing experiences much better. But when it gets damaged or develops some problems that would take a lot to fix, you will be better off when you sell it to a buyback program.

When you sell your Surface Studio to a well-run buyback program like Buyback Boss, you will get a fair amount of value for what it was originally worth. Buyback Boss is a program you want to have in your corner when you want to sell your Surface Studio. This is because we run a trade-in process that is rigged to favor you from the very beginning. Got a couple of devices you want to sell? We’ll pay more for them!

Everything is pretty simple and straightforward. First, you need to tell us some vital details about your Surface Studio on our online form. By doing this, you will receive a custom price quote that will tell you exactly how much we are going to pay before you proceed with the trade-in process. One thing is sure though; you will always get the best deals when you trade in your device with Buyback Boss.

Surface Studio

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How to Sell Your Surface Studio


Get a Custom Price Quote

This will be fast-paced and straight to the point when we see details about your Surface Studio. You’ll know what it’s worth.


Ship Your Surface Studio

If our custom offer looks pleasing to the eyes, go ahead and accept it. Then package your Surface Studio for shipping. At Buyback Boss, we cover the shipping costs of your device without giving thought to its condition or model. You’ll get a prompt to print your Surface Studio’s prepaid shipping label, which you can attach to qualify for our free shipping service. Want to know where your Surface Studio is at all times? Keep tabs on it with the online tracking number we provide.


Get Your Payout

We won’t delay your payout! When the trade-in is finalized, expect to receive a speedy payout for your Surface Studio via Check or PayPal.

Why Sell to Buyback Boss?


Highest Payouts Guaranteed

You wouldn’t be alone in wanting the best payout for your device. This is why we offer rates that are more than competitive. So if you get better for your Surface Studio somewhere else, inform us, and we will improve your offer.


No Bait and Switch

Sticking to our word is a vital part of our existence as a buyback business. As such, we have a 14-day guarantee that keeps our offers from switching.


Unbeatable Support Team

At some point in life, we all need help. Our customer support team is here for you every step and time of the day. Take advantage of this service to ask any question that is bugging your mind.


Safe and Secure

Everything we do is designed to keep you safe. This means no inappropriate listings or dubious third parties.


Free Shipping on All Orders

We cover the costs associated with shipping your Surface Studio to us at Buyback Boss. You’re not paying a dime!


Speedy Payouts

This is one perk you’d love because it means you get to have your money just in time to do what you want with it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is my Surface Studio worth?

This will depend on some important factors, including how long you’ve used your Surface Studio, what state it’s in, the model, and its capabilities. You’ll also fill out our form online so that we have a good idea of your Surface Studio and what we have to pay for it.

Can I sell a broken Surface Studio?

Sure, you can. We know a host of things can happen to your Surface Studio, including damages to important parts or something else. We’ll still buy it from you!

Is a buyback program the best place to sell my Surface Studio?

Our answer is yes because we have valid reasons to back it up. Firstly, a buyback program means you get to do a deal from any location. Secondly, your device won’t be listed, and thirdly, you can get value for your used Surface Studio.

How does the Surface Studio trade-in program work?

Use our online custom quoting process to find out what we think your device is worth. If you accept it, then we can proceed to complete the trade-in when you send it to us. After inspecting your Surface Studio, we’ll issue your payout.

How will I get paid for my Surface Studio?

You get paid for your Surface Studio through PayPal or Check.

Do I have to sell my Surface Studio if I get a custom quote?

No part of our services mandates you to sell to us. Getting a quote doesn’t mean it’s a done deal. Yet, you must follow our checkout process to have your offer locked in.