Sell Speakers

Did you know? You can get some fast cash for all the old speakers that are sitting on your shelf, collecting dust when you sell them to a buyback program. Now, you can empty those abandoned speakers and other junk devices in your cell phone drawer and get some cool cash in return.

How is that even possible? Here at Buyback Boss, we offer exceptional trade-in services that have placed us head and shoulders above the competition. Within a few minutes, you can sell your speakers for the most cash online and enjoy all the benefits that come with our buyback program. Similarly, we are also committed to providing all users with a remarkable experience every time you trade-in with us.

Start by noting down some important details about your device in an online form, and we will get back to you with a custom price quote. We will not abandon you half-way; once you accept our quote, you will be able to access everything you need to have a hassle-free trade-in process and take advantage of our customer-oriented perks and guarantees.

Sell Speakers

Get a Quote

How to Sell Your Speakers


Get a Custom Cash Offer for Your Speakers

You will receive a custom cash offer immediately you specify your device’s status, condition, and specification in our online form.


Ship Your Speakers

Now that you’ve accepted an offer from Buyback Boss, it’s time to send your speakers over. Paste the shipping label on a safe box with your speakers in it and ship it to us at no cost. Also, we’ll give you an online tracking number to track your device’s location.


Get Paid

We’ll inspect your Drone upon receipt and then pay you through Check or PayPal.

Why Sell to Buyback Boss?


Highest Payouts Guaranteed

As it stands, you can easily walk up to a local store or log on to any of the online marketplaces and trade-in your old speakers. That’s pretty simple. But you know what’s not? Getting the best price for your device. That requires some effort.

Here at Buyback Boss, we will offer you the highest payout in the industry without you having to sacrifice your convenience or trawl through several online platforms looking for the best price. We will even match a better offer from the competition when you send us a valid claim via email. 


14-Day Price Lock

You become eligible for our price-lock guarantee as soon as you complete an order. What does this mean? The moment you go through with your decision to sell your speakers to Buyback Boss, we will lock in your offer for 14 days, regardless of the market changes.


Exceptional Customer Support Team

Run into trouble while trying to complete an order? Worry not. Our customer service unit is readily available to help resolve all issues that you may encounter before, during, and even after completing an order process.


100% Free Shipping

Buyback Boss will bear all shipping and transactional charges if you choose to sell your speakers to our buyback program.


Speedy Payouts

Get your money in real-time when you sell your speaker to our buyback program. We process payments as soon as we gave your device with us, and you wouldn’t have to wait endlessly before you receive your money.


Safe and Secure

Our buyback program is as safe and secure as it can get. Our record of over 50,000 successful trade-in orders speaks for us, and we are ready to maintain the standard when you sell your device to us.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much are my Speakers worth?

We will be able to tell you the actual price of your speaker when you give a brief description that entails the state and cosmetic condition of your speaker, among other details.

You will most definitely end up with more money for a new device in good condition than for an old model. That said, Buyback Boss will still make you a fair cash offer for your old, abandoned speakers.

Does the offer come with any guarantee?

Definitely. As part of our efforts to make our buyback program befitting for all, we offer some customer-focused guarantees to ensure you get the most cash for your speakers without any hassle.

Our 14 days price-lock guarantee will lock in your price for two weeks while we also offer a price-match guarantee on every completed order process.

Can I sell a broken Speaker?

Yes! It doesn’t matter the state or condition of your speaker; Buyback Boss will always buy it from you.

Even if you have a completely damaged and broken speaker that no longer function, you can trade it in at Buyback Boss for a price that will be difficult to find elsewhere.

How does this buyback program compare to others?

Buyback Boss prides itself on delivering top-notch trade-in services to every user. Our buyback program is perfect for anybody looking to sell their speakers real fast, without stepping out of their home.

Unlike some classified auction sites and online marketplaces where a chunk of your payout is used to cover shipping and other hidden charges, our buyback program is 100% free and fair.

How do I get paid for my Speaker?

Getting paid for your device here at Buyback Boss is easy-peasy. We will send your money right through your preferred payment method, which can be either Check or PayPal.

Do I have to sell my Speaker if I get a quote?

The decision to sell your speaker online is yours to make. And we will not, at any point, force you to trade-in any device if you aren’t ready to do so, even after receiving a cash offer.

 At the same time, you can only be eligible for our 14 days price-lock guarantee if you complete our checkout process.