Sell Sonim 

With a device you can use just about anywhere, you’d be a whole lot more comfortable wherever you are. But there’s nothing quite available to stop your rugged and reliable Sonim from hitting the deck and shattering in a couple of places. Thankfully, a broken Sonim doesn’t have to be the end of the fairytale. This is because you can still sell it for some money. How? Buyback Boss is the team to negotiate with!

To get the ball set and rolling, simply get online and give us details describing the condition of your Sonim. With the information provided, we will provide you with a very fast custom quote before you proceed to complete the transaction.

A buyback program represents more than a fair value for your used Sonim. Of course, we know it is worth a lot, but we will make sure you get the best payout. What’s more, you can sell many devices to us!


Get a Quote

How to Sell Your Sonim


Get a Custom Price Quote

Our custom quote for your Sonim will be very fast and will capture the worth of your device. Just give us details about your Sonim and wait briefly.


Ship Your Sonim

Our customer quote for your Sonim beats your expectations? Cool! Accept it, then get your device put into a package and ready to be shipped to us! Regardless of the condition and model of your Sonim, we’ll give you a prepaid shipping label qualifying you for our free shipping service. Attach it to the package for shipping, while an online tracking number helps you keep tabs on the Sonim.


Get Paid

Most would agree this is a part to love because our payouts are notoriously fast. All we have to do is inspect your Sonim, and we will pay you your money!

Why Sell to Buyback Boss?


Highest Payouts Guaranteed

Buyback Boss has one of, if not, the best payout rates in the buyback industry. In fact, if you get another custom quote for your Sonim that’s higher than ours, email us directly. We will immediately improve your offer.


Very Fast Online Offers

We don’t beat around the bush. As soon as your Sonim is inspected, we will make you an instant offer that reflects its value.


Easy and Convenient

Our services make use of easy and convenient processes that’s all the more important to keep you satisfied while trading-in your Sonim with us


No Bait and Switch Offers

Had experiences with buyback programs that don’t keep their word? That is a far cry from what our customers have come to expect because our offers never switch!


Safe and Secure Selling Process

Using Buyback Boss sure beats trying to hold down a meeting with strangers in public, and using dubious listing services. Every step of your Sonim trade-in is secure and convenient for you.


Trusted by Over 50,000 Customers

With more than 50,000 customers and more enjoying our services, it’s easy to see why you should sell your Sonim to Buyback Boss.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is my Sonim worth?

Sonims may be at a high side price-wise. However, we still have to take a look at several factors, including the specifications, condition, and model, before telling you what it’s worth.

You can count yourself lucky if your Sonim device is still new and in great condition, as you will be getting a very lucrative cash offer for it. Even if you have a used, old, or broken model, you are not left out as well. Just state exactly the condition of your device- among other things- while going through our quoting process, and we will make you a nice offer.

Do I have to sell my Sonim if I get an offer?

At no time are you obligated to sell any of your devices, including your Sonim to Buyback Boss. The only catch we have is that you have to use the checkout process to lock-in your offer.

Is it a good time to sell my Sonim?

This is your call to make. But if you want something new to replace your bad Sonim or just for fast cash to quickly foot some bills and take care of your needs, it’s best you sell it to Buyback Boss.

How does this buyback program compare to others?

In terms of payouts, speed of service and response, safety, and reviews, there’s absolutely no reason why we shouldn’t be your go-to buyback program. We’re simply the best, and the number of customers we have feeds this opinion.

Do I have to pay to ship my Sonim?

No! All shipping expenses are conveniently taken care of by Buyback Boss, thus making you eligible for free shipping. A prepaid shipping label further buttresses this point.

How will I get paid for my Sonim?

Buyback Boss will pay you for your Sonim device through your preferred choice of PayPal or Check. Either way, the payment is going to be very fast!