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A smartwatch is a device that comes in handy in more ways than one. You can tell the time, use it to accept calls, and help keep track of other important things. Yet, when it’s broken, it’s probably fit for only fashion with it strapped around your wrist. This is also the case if you have used it for a long time too. Well, if you’ve ever thought about doing away with it, then it shouldn’t be to have it thrown away. Simply sell your smartwatch to us at Buyback Boss in exchange for some money!

With our buyback program setting the pace for others, it’s easy to do a trade-in with us. You will love the experience! Just go online and give us information describing your smartwatch, and we will make you a custom offer when we see it.

Buyback Boss also helps you group all your used devices together and sell them to us! This means more money to you amid a program that’s rigged in your favor.


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How to Sell Your Smartwatch


Get a Custom Cash Offer

The trade-in starts with you filling out the online form with details that best explain the condition of your smartwatch, and we’ll make you a very fast custom cash offer for it!


Ship Your Smartwatch

Love the custom offer for your smartwatch? Accept our offer and then fit your smartwatch into a package so that it’s ready for shipping. We don’t let you pay for shipping, and we give you a prepaid shipping label that qualifies you for free shipping. Affix this label to the package with your smartwatch inside and ship it to us. Keeping tabs on your smartwatch is easy too. You can do this with an online tracking number we provide.


Get Paid

You will get your payout via Check or PayPal. This is after we carry out an inspection on your smartwatch.

Why Sell to Buyback Boss?


Very Fast Online Offers

Our custom cash offer for your smartwatch device will come in very fast. What you should do is fill out a form online and follow our checkout process in order to get an offer.


Unbeatable Support Team

Our support team doesn’t take long to respond to you. Any issues and questions you may have during any phase of the transaction are immediately handled by a well-trained support team.


Sell Multiple Devices

It’s normal to have other used and damaged devices you want to sell or give away. As it is, Buyback Boss will buy your smartwatch and all other devices. This may include used phones, cameras, and printers. You’ll receive more money for them!


Free Shipping on All Orders

Shipping your smartwatch to us is free because we pay for it. Our prepaid shipping label confirms this!


Safe and Secure Selling Process

Buyback Boss has continually upped the ante in the buyback industry, and our reputation precedes us. You’ll find that our services are safe to use for you and all our customers.


Speedy Payouts

Our payouts are so fast. As soon as all the processes are confirmed, we’ll send your cash immediately! 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is my Smartwatch worth?

This is up to several criteria, such as the condition of your smartwatch, its model, and the features it packs. We will have those evaluated before making you a custom price quote telling you what we think it is worth.

You can expect to receive a bigger Check for a brand new smartwatch that works perfectly fine as against a very old model. This should not bother you though, as we will be making a fair offer for your device regardless of its condition. 

Is it a good time to sell my Smartwatch?

There are some reasons why it’s a good time to sell your smartwatch. One of them is if it’s broken. Another could be because you’ve used it for a long time.

Can I sell a broken Smartwatch?

There’s nothing wrong with selling a cracked or water-damaged smartwatch. Buyback Boss will make a custom cash offer for it despite its condition!

Do I have to pay to ship my Smartwatch?

No. What Buyback Boss does is cover the cost of shipping your smartwatch and any other devices you might have.

How do I ship my Smartwatch?

Shipping your smartwatch to Buyback Boss means you accept the custom price quote for it. Paste a prepaid shipping label we give you on a package containing your device and ship it to us at Buyback Boss. Note, though, that by virtue of the label, you won’t pay a penny in the name of shipping expenses.

How will I get paid for my Smartwatch?

Receiving payment for your smartphone can be done via two popular ways – Check or PayPal.