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Sell Samsung Galaxy S5

Sell Your Samsung Galaxy S5, S5 Active and S5 Mini

With the release of the 5th generation of the Galaxy S flagship model in February 2014, Samsung decided to incorporate its customer’s desire for simplicity, subtle design, fitness-friendly features, great battery, and a good camera in a phone that leveraged a couple of valuable features across the board.

Samsung took their cue for the design of the Samsung Galaxy S5 series from the previous year’s flagship and added some new features that emphasized majorly on an improved build with a textured ‘leather-effect’ back cover, upgraded camera, and IP67 certification to ensure dust and water resistance.

Alongside the Galaxy S5 which boasts a slightly larger display than its predecessor at 5.1-inch, Samsung also released two other variations of the Galaxy S5 model, namely the Samsung Galaxy S5 Active and the S5 Mini respectively.

The S5 Active is a unique mix of the standard Galaxy S5’s high-end specs (except the physical home button/fingerprint scanner) and military-grade durability that give clumsy users and outdoor fanatics the best of both worlds while the 4.5-inch S5 Mini is a miniature model of the standard S5 with shrunken specs and features.

To make up for the cheap textured plastic back cover, the Samsung Galaxy S5 series has a removable battery, which was one of the selling points of the phone at the time. This has proven to be a very handy feature over the years as you can easily remove the battery to dry up a waterlogged phone, replace a dead battery and shut off your frozen phone.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 series did create a buzz in the smartphone market, but with all that, it never really created a positive impression among the majority of Android smartphone users.

Reasons to Sell Your Samsung Galaxy

The Galaxy S5 series is four generations behind the latest Samsung flagship model, which means it is increasingly getting hard to find in the market. Although it didn’t stray too far from its predecessor when it comes to design and build-quality, it performed excellently well where it matters the most and qualified as an excellent phone overall.

Today, things are not the same anymore. The Galaxy S5 series can only chase after the shadows of the newer Galaxy flagship models which are equipped with top-tier components, revolutionary hardware and camera upgrades, and the most powerful processing power available in the market.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 series,  which include the standard Samsung Galaxy S5, military-grade S5 Active, and the compact S5 Mini, is the last Galaxy flagship model to feature the cheap plastic back components. For this reason, you may want to sell your Samsung Galaxy S5, S5 Active, and S5 Mini online and get one of the newer flagships with high-end metal and glass builds.

It is no longer news that Samsung no longer provides firmware and security updates for the Galaxy S5 series, which means your S5 will remain stuck on the last and final Android 6.0 Marshmallow update.

If you want a taste of the great features and security updates that come with newer Operating Systems, you may consider selling your outdated Galaxy S5 to buyback sites where you can get the best deal for your phone and sell at a top dollar rate.

If the newer Samsung Galaxy flagship models (such as the Galaxy S9) do not tickle your fancy, it is still the perfect time for you to trade-in your Samsung Galaxy S5 and get a new phone. You may consider the latest iterations of full-featured smartphones from Apple, Google, LG, HTC, and others.

How to Sell your Samsung Galaxy S5 Online

In the past, the Samsung Galaxy S5 series was the phone to beat. Today, that past is long gone, and your favorite Galaxy S5 is no longer the superb all-rounder phone it used to be. As the clock ticks, it continues to slip down the pecking order of great smartphones, leading to a significant decrease in its resale value as well.

While you can easily trade-in your Samsung phone with your carrier, you are going to get even more lucrative deals selling the same phone online to Buyback sites, especially if you aren’t planning on extending your two-year contract with your carrier.

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