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Sell Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung Galaxy S10 Key Features

Announced at the annual “Samsung Galaxy Unpacked” press event on February 20, 2019, the Samsung Galaxy S10 is, by all standards, everything that you need- and more.

Thanks to its pioneering features and industry-leading design, Samsung Galaxy S10 line-up once again establishes the position of the Galaxy S flagship models at the top of the smartphone food chain.

While it doesn’t seem like a radical upgrade over its predecessor, it sure re-invents some of the basic features we like most in the Galaxy S series. The S10 retains the familiar design elements of its predecessor while introducing new top-of-the-line features for other OEMs to follow.

The Galaxy S10 features bottom-firing dual speakers that deliver high-quality, full stereo sound at all time and remains one of the few flagships hanging on to the “endangered” 3.5mm headphone port today.


Stunning Display

Samsung once again shows why it remains the “king of display” with the introduction of the revolutionary Infinity-O display. This hallmark feature is imperative to its quest for achieving a true edge-to-edge display with the most screen on any smartphone. And the Samsung Galaxy S10 is just a step closer to making that possible.

The Galaxy S10 pioneers a stunning Infinity-O display on any smartphone, which is truly a beauty to behold from every angle. With a massive 6.1-inch Dynamic AMOLED flagship-class display that exudes rich, vibrant colors and makes for an excellent viewing angle, the Galaxy S10 offers a mind-blowing multi-media and video playback experience that is second to none in the market.


Improved Performance

The sheer power of the Galaxy S10 is absolutely phenomenal and can handle everything you throw at it without skipping a beat. Samsung Galaxy S10 delivers outstanding performances in every area, thanks to the powerful Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855 chip. It easily leaves other Android phones in the dust and finally offers something that can rival Apple’s A12 Bionic chip.  


Upgraded Camera

The Galaxy S10 lineup has one of the best-in-class pro-level smartphone cameras on the market, and that is right by every standard. It comes with an array of camera lenses that serve specific functions to meet the demands of modern-day photography. Overall, the combination of a dual 12MP wide-angle and Telephoto lens with a 16MP Ultra-wide sensor consistently delivers stunning images and videos in different lighting. The 10MP front-facing selfie camera also ranks as one of the best on the market.


Additional New Features

New features like the ultrasonic in-display fingerprint scanner and Wireless PowerShare makes the Galaxy S10 a premium powerhouse that is worth its weight in gold.

Overall, the Galaxy S10 is the best Galaxy your money can buy right now. And, definitely, one of the phones to beat in 2019.

Why Sell Your Samsung Galaxy S10?

Undoubtedly, the Galaxy S10 is a true-flagship contender that comes in handy in all aspects for every smartphone lover. While it sits comfortably at the top of the Smartphone food chain- thanks to its cutting-edge technology and premium features- there are still a couple of perfectly valid reasons for letting go of your Galaxy S10 and trading it in for cash. Especially now that it commands a very high resale value.


An Imperfect Design

While the decision to avoid the somewhat unsightly Notch on the S10 is the way to go for many, the hole-punch screen notch doesn’t seem any better than a notch. It brings a dent to the S10’s stunning Infinity-O display by squeezing the status area to one side. This may give an unsightly look, especially when you are running an app with a white background. 

If the hole-punch cut-out display irritates you, and you would like to have a fully immersive experience without the annoying cut-outs. Then you can trade-in your Samsung Galaxy S10 at BuyBack Boss to fund an upgrade to a Notch-less device.


Average Battery Life

A phone is only as good as its battery life. No matter how powerful or fast your phone is, it becomes useless as soon as it runs out of juice. The Galaxy S10 is a productivity powerhouse- and more- but its 3400mAH battery capacity may leave you totally unimpressed. Don’t get it twisted- the Galaxy S10 has a decent battery life- of course. However, the 3400mAH capacity may not be enough for users who are looking for the most battery life on a phone. But that’s not the end of the road.

The good news is, it’s 2019, and we have a plethora of smartphones that are equally as powerful as the S10 with even larger battery capacity. You can trade-in your Galaxy S10 and go for a smartphone that will last the longest on a single charge


Inconsistent Performance

The Samsung Galaxy S10 brought the new ultrasonic in-display fingerprint technology to the limelight. But that’s just about the good thing about it. More often than not, it has failed to live up to its expectations and lacks consistency- which isn’t supposed to be.

This only means one thing:

The ultrasonic in-display fingerprint technology is still at its experimental stage and not quite there yet.

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Sell Through a Samsung Buyback Program

As we journey through the second half of the year, the Galaxy S10 line-up still stands as the best Samsung smartphone ever. A position it is not ready to relinquish soon. Well, not until the next Galaxy Note arrives in August.

This only implies that your Galaxy S10 is worth more than what you think, five months on.

As one of the smartphone models from the latest Galaxy flagship line-up, your Galaxy S10 has a very high resale value. And there’s no better time to trade it in than now- especially as the Note 10 is just around the corner.  

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