Sell Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

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Sell Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

About the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

Announced at a Samsung press conference at IFA Berlin on September 3, 2014, the Galaxy Note Edge is arguably the first phone with an “edge” display. It basically houses all the power features and hardware of the Galaxy Note 4. A device which was, as at that time, one of the best phablets on the market.

One thing that distinguishes the Note Edge form the Note 4 is a visible curved display across its right side. This unique edge display showcases application shortcuts and notifications in a way that seemed experimental initially.

Several years after, the “edge” display stands firmly on its strengths as a must-have feature on the latest Galaxy flagships.

Samsung Buyback Program

No doubt, the Galaxy Note Edge is the gateway to the popular Edge display on Samsung flagship smartphones. And that’s where it ends.

Five years on, the Galaxy Note Edge is many miles behind the competition and has been discontinued ever since. And if you aren’t thinking of making it your Grandma’s alarm clock, now is the perfect time to upgrade.

Generally, the reasons for selling your device may differ from person to person. But here are some perfectly valid reasons your Galaxy Note Edge may be worth trading-in for cash right now.


Get Cash to Upgrade

One of the most important reasons why people trade-in their old devices is to get a better one. And our guess is, this is one of the reasons why you are selling your Galaxy Note Edge online as well. While you can choose from a plethora of newer and better Galaxy Note devices out there, you should as well be ready to part with a chunk of your money.

Selling your Galaxy Note Edge online allows you to save some cash on your new smartphone and reserve some extra cash for spending.


Take Advantage of New Features

When you trade-in your phone for cash, you have enough money to upgrade to the flagship powerhouse that appeals to you. Who wouldn’t like to have a first-hand feel of the new edge-to-edge display, updated OS, insane processing power and the pro-level camera technology on the latest Galaxy Note models? Nobody!


Don't Get Left Behind

In the age of rapid technological advancements and innovations, five years is really a long time to own a smartphone.  

This goes without saying that your Galaxy Note Edge has passed its prime. And with little or no support from the OEM, it may pack up without at any time without remedy. Then, you will be left with a block of a phone that is utterly useless, making an unwanted addition to your “old cell phone drawer.”

But what do you do when you have loads of phone laying waste to your beautiful drawer at home? Dispose of them in the trash can? Hell No!

Not if they are worth some cash. How about trading them in for some extra bucks online. Way to go!

Get the Most Cash for Your Galaxy Device

It is one thing to sell your Galaxy Note Edge online- several online outlets will gladly snap it off you. It’s another to sell it for the right price- this is where the work lies. Thanks to technology, you can sell your phone on some popular online marketplaces without breaking a sweat. But if you want to get a befitting price for your device, a buyback website is your best bet.

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Sell Used and Broken Samsung Devices

Even if your galaxy device is broken and no longer functions, you can still trade it in for cash at Buyback Boss.