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Sell Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Selling your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Online

Released alongside the first-of-its-kind Galaxy Note Edge in September 2014, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 was the centerpiece of the biggest annual technology show in Europe (IFA) that was held in Berlin, Germany.

Since its inception, the Samsung Galaxy Note phablet has blazed a trail for the production of supersized phones, and the adoption of the Plus-sized iPhone models by Apple has only proved that big is the new standard.

Over the years, the Galaxy Note series has steadily established itself as the leader of the phablet pack, and the Galaxy Note 4 simply keep up the tradition.

At a time when Samsung was having a hard time dealing with the huge backlash that followed the cheap, lightweight glossy plastic design of its previous flagship models, the Galaxy Note 4 oozes of great build-quality with a plastic casing that is accented with sturdy metal. It also featured a metal-look plastic trim and a removable plastic rear cover with a textured leather-effect finish, though the faux leather-effect can be easily detected.

At 5.7-inch, the Galaxy Note 4 sticks with the same screen size on its predecessor while bumping up the display to a hefty 2,560 x 1,440 QHD resolution at 518ppi. With an intuitive, adaptive’ display feature that automatically adjusts the phone’s display to suit your lighting environment, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4’s screen is a beauty to behold as it exudes vibrant colors that will enhance your multimedia experience.

It sports a powerful 2.7 GHz Snapdragon 805 quad-core processor alongside 3GB of RAM that will help take on your most demanding tasks in a lag-free manner.

The Note 4 is equipped with both 16-megapixel and 3.7-megapixel  rear and front-facing camera that takes stunning and vibrant images in all lighting conditions.

Reasons to Sell Your Samsung Galaxy Note Device

Back in 2014, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 touts the highest possible configuration seen on a smartphone, but that time is long gone, and the era of smartphones with better hardware configurations and latest software technologies is now upon us.

At a time when smartphones with waterproofing are increasingly becoming popular, you may want to weigh up selling your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 online if you don’t want to be left in the dust. Your Note 4 will most probably not survive an accidental drop in your kitchen sink, bathtub or swimming pool and can easily get damaged when submerged in water. Even if your phone is permanently water damaged, you still stand a chance to get a token if you sell it online to reputable Buyback sites.

The Note 4’s design is pretty cool, but it’s not a match for the aesthetically appealing and premium design of the newer generation of Galaxy Note series.

For the newer models of the Galaxy Note series, Samsung has gone above and beyond the usual standard to incorporate a beautiful front and back glass design that is laid over an aluminum frame in a build quality that blows the competition away. You can trade-in your phone online for cash and upgrade to get a first-hand feel of newer Note designs that drip with a level of premium and attractiveness.

Over the years, the overall interface of the Galaxy Note series has continued to grow in leaps and bounds, as Samsung continues to reduce the built-in “bloatware” in a refined and less obtrusive UI. Your Note 4 comes with a lot of pre-installed system apps that majorly eat up your storage space and consume the phone’s battery life. Getting rid of these bloatware apps isn’t as easy as it sounds, and you may even need to go through some unsafe methods if you want to uninstall the apps from your phone completely. If you are not thrilled by the gimmicks of these pre-installed system apps, and you are looking to switch to a phone that will offer a near-stock Android experience, then you have no problem at all.

Best Way to Sell Your Samsung Galaxy Note Fast

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