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Why abandon your RAZR phone in your junk drawer when you can sell it online for some fast cash? Your RAZR phone is the delight of virtually every buyback program out there. No doubt they will be willing to pay some good money if you are ready to sell. However, it’s not always a case of being ready or getting your attention. This is because you need an efficient and top-notch buyback service like ours to do your bidding.

Here at Buyback Boss, we sit at the top because we have the name and the platform to facilitate a smooth and profitable buyback trade-in where you can sell, ship, and get paid for your RAZR phone in the easiest way possible.

Start with our very fast and easy to obtain cash offer. Simply give us details of your RAZR phone on a form, and we will tell you it is monetary value almost immediately. When you do that and accept our offer, everything you need to finish the process is given to you!

Ours is an easy and efficient way to do business and get money for your RAZR phone. In addition, you get to sell multiple devices to us.

RAZR Phone

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How to Sell Your RAZR Phone


Get a Custom Price Quote

Buyback Boss will give you a quick online quote for your RAZR phone whenever you are ready to sell it. Just tell us a bit about your phone’s details, and you will receive a quote.


Ship Your RAZR Phone

You will need to accept our offer before we proceed, and once you do, we will require that you ship your RAZR phone over to us at Buyback Boss. We cover all shipping costs, so there is no cause to worry at this point. Just print out your device’s prepaid shipping label and ship your phone free of charge.

There’s even an online tracking number on the label that tells you exactly where your RAZR phone is every inch of the way.


Get Paid

We will inspect and confirm the condition of your RAZR phone once we get it. After this, we will quickly approve your payment. This can be made through Check or PayPal.

Why Sell to Buyback Boss?


Highest Payouts Guaranteed

Every completed order process on Buyback Boss makes you eligible for our innovative price-lock feature. Also, you can send us an email with a valid price-matching claim for a better offer for your phone on another platform, and we’ll improve your offer to reflect a new price.


Very Fast Online Offers

Time is of the essence, so we will not keep you waiting online before you receive an offer. Once we go over your phone’s details, you get a cash offer pretty quickly.


14-Day Price Lock

Selling your RAZR phone to our buyback program means you take advantage of our price-lock feature, which enables you to keep your phone for two weeks before shipping. You can use this time to get rid of personal data, transfer documents, and more. This window period won’t change.


Unbeatable Customer Service

We have the greatest customer service team of any buyback program. We are ready to render real-time assistance to you every step of the way. And if you encounter any problem during or after an order, our customer service team will patiently hear you out and find a long-lasting solution for you.


100% Free Shipping

At Buyback Boss, a free shipping service for every device is the norm. If you choose to sell your RAZR phone to us, you will not pay a penny by way of shipping fees or any other transactional costs.


Speedy Payouts

We have one of, if not, the fastest payment service in the business. So you should know that you will get your payment in full and very quickly too when you sell your RAZR phone to Buyback Boss.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is my RAZR phone worth?

If your RAZR phone is still relatively new, it will command a very high price on the market. But we will consider a few criteria before we can tell you the actual worth of your RAZR phone. This includes the cosmetic condition and the specific model of your device. Our online quoting process is available to help you know the worth of your phone.

Can I sell a broken RAZR phone?

Absolutely! We will offer a tempting cash offer for your RAZR phone irrespective of its condition. You can sell your phone to us even if it is completely broken or water-damaged.

Is a buyback program the best place to sell my RAZR phone?

Yes, and for very good reasons.

The fact is buyback programs offer the most cash for almost any device, including your RAZR phone. Apart from that, the ease of transacting with a buyback program is exceptional and beats anything that you will ever find online or offline. Further, with a buyback program like Buyback Boss, there’s no listing, and there’s no shipping fee — just more money for your RAZR phone.

How does the RAZR phone trade-in program work?

Select your device from the list and get a custom price quote from our online quoting tool. Accept if it meets your expectations, and finish the simple checkout process. Print the prepaid shipping label for your phone, paste on a box and send for free. We’ll verify and send your payout.

How do I get paid for my RAZR phone?

Payment is made by Check or PayPal.

Do I have to sell my RAZR phone if I get a quote?

No, you don’t have to! Our online quoting tool is designed to tell you how much your device is worth, not force you to sell. But you may need to checkout in order to access our price-lock feature.