Sell Pro Display XDR

If your Pro Display XDR has more wrong cracks in the wrong places, then it’s obviously crying out for a change. This is because all that fantastic screen would look out of place with spots you wouldn’t want to see. What’s more, you can consider letting it go if you’ve had quite the time with it and want some upgrade. For the best in the buyback industry, look no further than Buyback Boss to handle your Pro Display XDR trade-in.

There’s basically no simpler process than filling out our form online with the details of your Pro Display XDR and receiving a custom offer for it. This way, you will know exactly what we are paying for your device before you complete the trade-in process.

Buyback Boss is strategically set up to help you sell devices that you might otherwise have left wasting away in some attic. It doesn’t matter how many devices you have to sell; we will pay you more money to buy them!

Pro Display XDR

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How to Sell Your Pro Display XDR


Get a Custom Cash Offer

Our custom cash offer takes a very little time in popping up. Once you give out the information about your Pro Display XDR on the form provided, then you are good to go.


Ship Your Pro Display XDR

If you’re wondering how to go about selling your device to us, just note that you won’t be paying to ship it to us. We only require that you attach a prepaid shipping label to a package containing your Pro Display XDR and ship it over. An online tracking number comes with the deal so that you know where your device is at all times.


Get Your Payout

Simple and time-efficient! You’ll get paid via Check or PayPal without any hassles whatsoever.

Why Sell to Buyback Boss?


Highest Payouts Guaranteed

Got that, right? We know you still value your Pro Display XDR. As such, we’ll make you an offer that represents a fair value of what it’s currently worth. If you receive one that’s much better, send us a direct mail, and we will adjust your custom offer asap!


Very Fast Online Offers

We will give you a high-speed custom offer for your Pro Display XDR when you follow the checkout process.


Free Shipping on All Orders

It doesn’t matter whether you want to sell only your Pro Display XDR or a bunch of devices. Shipping is free!


Unbeatable Support Team

Our support team takes professionalism to a whole new level. They are set up to give you any help you need at every step of the way.


Safe and Secure Selling Process

Safety and security are two vital factors in any business, including ours. All our trade-ins will leave you all safe and secure.


Speedy Payouts

Get that money fast! You’ll get paid like you never made a transaction because we’re happy to pay you immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a buyback program the best place to sell my Pro Display XDR?

We’ll do our best to set the record straight and, at the same time, not sound biased. A buyback program such as ours is a very attractive platform to sell your used and broken Pro Display XDR. If you want to do business with Buyback Boss, you get to ship at no cost and receive a value that happens to be one of the best in the industry.

Can I sell a broken Pro Display XDR?

We don’t consider a broken Pro Display XDR to be beyond our reach. So don’t worry whether it’s old or damaged. You’ll get an offer from us.

How do I ship my Pro Display XDR?

Accept the offer we make on it, and place a prepaid shipping label on a package that has your Pro Display XDR in it and proceed to ship it to us.

Do I have to pay to ship my Pro Display XDR?

No! Buyback Boss won’t charge a penny to send your Pro Display XDR to us at any time. It’s free!

Do I have to meet directly with a buyer before I sell my Pro Display XDR?

That’s not necessary. Our platform is effective and efficient in many ways that ensure we don’t need a third-party to stand in for us. A lot of what we do is conducted online and free from physical locations you might not like.

How do I get paid for my Pro Display XDR?

Buyback Boss will speedily pay you for your Pro Display XDR device through your chosen medium – Check or PayPal