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Looking to trade in your Nintendo Switch gaming console for cash? Then take advantage of Buyback Boss’ easy and exceptional buyback services for an optimal trade-in experience. Our buyback program is built on the foundation of trust, dedication, and commitment, which implies that you stand to enjoy all the benefits that come with our buyback program whenever you sell your Nintendo Switch gaming console to us.

It costs nothing to get started. Just fill out our online form to tell us about your device, and we will give you a custom offer. If you choose to accept the offer, we will provide insightful on-screen tips that will walk you through the remaining process, one step at a time.

 Buyback Boss buys every type of Nintendo Switch console, regardless of their status, specific model, and conditions. You don’t have to create any listing, pay for shipping, or schedule a meeting with strangers. The entire trade-in process is fast, easy, and safe.

We will even offer you a bigger Check when you sell you make an order for the sale of multiple models.

Nintendo Switch

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How to Sell Your Nintendo Switch


Get a Custom Cash Offer

Here at Buyback Boss, we will provide you with an online form with a template that allows you to specify the specific details of your Nintendo Switch. After you have filled out the form, we will make you a custom cash offer.


Ship Your Nintendo Switch

If you like our offer, you can accept it and proceed to checkout before you send in your gaming console. At this point, we are ready to cover all shipping costs. Just print out your prepaid shipping label and send in your device for free. We will also provide you with an online tracking number, so you know exactly where your device is at all times.


Receive Your Money

Once we receive and inspect your Nintendo Switch gaming console, we will process your payment and send it through PayPal or Check.

Why Sell to Buyback Boss?


Unbeatable Cash Offers and Payouts

Our buyback program will give you the maximum value for your Nintendo Switch without sacrificing comfort and convenience.

When you briefly fill out a form to specify the details of your Nintendo Switch, we will give you an unbeatable price quote. We will even go all the way to match a better offer on our competitor’s platform you send us a direct email with a genuine proof. This will save you the stress of surfing through multiple online channels, haggling over a good rate.


14-Day Price Lock

When we give you an offer, we will stand by. And that is exactly what happens with our 14-day price lock guarantee. You can lock in your offer once you checkout and get exactly the same price after two weeks, regardless of the market trends and changes.


Unbeatable Customer Service

Experiencing difficulties while trying to completing an order process? Reach out to our customer service team will, and we will attend to you immediately. You are only a few clicks away from resolving every underlying issue and getting a quick and prompt response from our reliable customer service team before, during, or after placing an order.


100% Free Shipping

When you sell your Nintendo Switch to Buyback Boss, we will cover all shipping costs and will not charge a dime for any transactional fee. Our entire buyback program is free from start to finish.


Speedy Payouts

We will not keep you waiting for your money when we already have your device. Our quick payment system ensures that you receive your money fully and as at when due every time.


Safe and Secure

Here at Buyback Boss, we have a platform where everybody can sell their device and get their money safely and securely. That is why we have been able to complete over 50,000 orders, with many more incoming.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is my Nintendo Switch worth?

Usually, we will prompt you to fill out a form to specify the basic details of your console, including the specifications, capacity, and condition, before we can tell you exactly how much it is worth.

For example, if your Nintendo Switch is new or in mint condition, you will definitely end up with more money than someone whose console is badly damaged or in a not-so-great condition. You have nothing to lose, regardless, as we Buyback Boss will give you a nice payout either way.

You can find out how much your gaming console is worth by going through our online quoting process to get a custom cash offer.

Can I sell a broken Nintendo Switch?

Bring it on! Buyback Boss will buy your Nintendo Switch gaming console regardless of its status or condition. From old consoles to faulty or completely broken models, bring them all to us, and we will buy it in a bit.

Is a buyback program the best place to sell my Nintendo Switch?

Buyback programs save you the hassle of trawling through different sites before you can sell your device at the right price. Right from the comfort of your come, you can initiate the trade-in process, get an unbeatable cash offer, and complete the checkout process.

You also get to ship your Nintendo Switch for free if you choose to sell it to a buyback program.

How does the Nintendo Switch trade-in program work?

Within a few minutes, tell us about your device by selecting the most appropriate options from the drop-down list in our online form. Afterward, we will give you a custom quote. If the price quote meets your expectations, simply accept and complete the checkout process.

 You will receive a prompt to print out a customized shopping label for your device. Attach this label on your device’s packaged shipping box, and you instantly qualify for our free shipping package.

The moment we have your gaming console in our custody, we will run a quick verification test before we approve your payment and send your money immediately.

Does the offer come with any guarantee?

Absolutely! We offer a price-lock guarantee that will lock in your offer for 14 days. Similarly, we will match a better offer on a competitor’s website once you send us a valid price-matching claim. 

How do I get paid for my Nintendo Switch?

You will be able to get your money either by Check or PayPal. Just sit back and relax, as we send your money promptly through your preferred payment method.