Sell Nexus Tablet

A device that’s more than five years old and counting surely needs replacing. But we understand if you have formed quite the attachment to your Nexus Tablet. However, there is a lot more you can do than keep your used, old, or broken Tablet under wraps. Simply sell it to Buyback Boss for some much-needed cash that may be enough to take care of your urgent needs!

Buyback Boss sports some of the best rates in the business. Want to see that? Fill out our online form with details that best describe your Nexus Tablet, and we will make you an irresistible cash offer.

When you receive and accept the offer, we will inspect your device and pay you! What’s more, you can lean on our program on Buyback Boss to offload your old cell phone drawer and sell more than one device for a much higher payout.

Nexus Tablet

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How to Sell Your Nexus Tablet


Get a Custom Price Quote

Follow our checkout process, provide some answers to questions about your Nexus Tablet on the form provided, and get a very fast custom price quote from Buyback Boss.


Ship Your Nexus Tablet

Our custom price quote fits your needs? Good. We will complete the trade-in when you send your device to us. Just paste a prepaid shipping label on a package with your Nexus Tablet inside and ship. We’ll give you an online tracking number to follow the progress of your Nexus Tablet.


Get Paid via Check or PayPal

The easiest part! We will go over your Nexus Tablet and pay you by Check or PayPal.

Why Sell to Buyback Boss?


Highest Payouts Guaranteed

The payouts on Buyback Boss are definitely one of the highest Industry-wide! If you get a better offer, send us a direct mail, and watch us make an even better one!


14-Day Price Lock

Our custom price quotes on Buyback Boss have a 14-day price lock once you complete our order process. This is to your advantage, as we will lock-in your cash offer within this period. Nothing changes; what you see is what you get!


Easy and Convenient

It doesn’t matter where you are. You can make deals even from your basement! Buyback Boss is easy to use without creating a listing or meeting with strange people.


Trusted by Over 50,000 Customers

Your Nexus Tablet will meet the fate of other devices sold by more than 50,000 customers – a successful trade-in.


No Hidden Charges or Transaction Fee

Every custom price quote is without any double meanings. So selling your Nexus Tablet to us is the right call to make.


Sell Multiple Devices

Your Nexus Tablet doesn’t have to be the only device you sell on Buyback Boss. Add others for more cash!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is my Nexus Tablet worth?

Buyback Boss will check the condition and specifications of your Nexus Tablet, its model, and market value before giving you a custom price quote you won’t find anywhere else!

If your Nexus Tablet is new, mint, or in excellent condition, you will get a grand cash offer. Even if your device is poorly used or very old, we will still give you a fair price. Just specify the exact details of your Nexus Tablet in our online form and receive a corresponding price quote within a few minutes.

Can I sell a broken Nexus Tablet?

Sure, you can! We buy tons of devices, and guess what? Many of them come in terrible shapes. So feel free to bring in your broken Nexus Tablet, and we will give you a nice offer.

Is it a good time to sell my Nexus Tablet?

Nexus Tablets were made when? About six or seven years ago? That is very old, which means they have fallen in the pecking order of top tablet devices out there. The longer you hold on to it, the lower its value.

So, if there is a perfect time to sell your Nexus Tablet online and get the best price once and for all, it is now. There’s nothing stopping you, even if it is broken and damaged!

Do I have to pay to ship my Nexus Tablet?

No, not at all! Shipping your Nexus Tablet to us is totally free!

Is a buyback program the best place to sell my Nexus Tablet?

We will give you an honest answer even if we are into the buyback business. It is the best place to sell your Tablet. No other platform prioritizes customer’s safety and convenience like a buyback program. You can complete the entire trade-in process and get the best cash offer while sitting on your couch. Afterward, you can ship it without paying a dime.

You wouldn’t even have to create a listing and meet with strangers before you can sell your Nexus Tablet online. Everything is done within the buyback program’s platform.

Am I obligated to sell my Nexus Tablet if I get a custom price quote?

Not at any time! But you must follow our simple checkout process in order to lock in an offer for your Nexus Tablet.