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A Nest Cam does have some cool capabilities that help you capture a wide variety of activities, especially when you consider a host of alerts for different from different parts of your home. But it’s not built to last forever, and there are other newer and more sophisticated models from Nest. So is the Nest Cam you have at home broken, worn-out, or just not up to your standards? Don’t dump it! Sell it to us at Buyback Boss.

Get going when you provide accurate information that best describes your Nest Cam on a form we have online. When we check it out, you’ll get a very fast custom cash offer stating what we think it is worth. Cool by you? Great! We’ll inspect and send your payment!

A buyback program isn’t a novel platform to help you sell your devices. Buyback Boss has been long enough in the business, and will even let you sell multiple devices all at once! This means more cash to you.

Nest Cam

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How to Sell Your Nest Cam


Get a Custom Cash Offer

You will receive a very fast custom cash offer for your Nest Cam as soon as you fill out our form and complete the checkout process.


Ship Your Nest Cam

If the cash offer we send is pleasing to you, accept it and proceed to package your Nest Cam for shipping. We will cover the expenses that come with shipping your Nest Cam regardless of the condition, model, and specifications. In addition, print out a prepaid shipping label and have it pasted on the package and eligible for our free shipping service. You can use an online tracking number we provide to trace your Nest Cam at all times.


Get Paid

We’ll inspect your Nest Cam when it gets to us, and then pay you through Check or PayPal.

Why Sell to Buyback Boss?


Highest Payouts Guaranteed

There are very few, and some would argue, no buyback programs that can compete with the prices we offer. Even if they give you a better price for your Nest Cam, we’ll update your offer immediately you email us directly.


Very Fast Custom Cash Offer

Want to know exactly what we think your Nest Cam is worth? Give us some information about it, and we’ll immediately respond with a very fast offer.


No Bait and Switch Offers

Some services make offers that bait you into believing that’s what you have to pay, and then switch it when you least suspect. We won’t do that, though, and our 14-day price lock is proof of that fact.


100% Free Shipping

Shipping your Nest Cam to us comes at no cost to you! We do all we can to help you be comfortable, including pay to ship your device.


Speedy Payouts

After inspecting your Nest Cam and we’re satisfied with everything, your payout is released within minutes.


Trusted by Over 50,000 Customers

Our team of customers continues to grow every day. More than 50,000 of them use our reliable service to sell different devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this buyback program compare to others?

Comparing Buyback Boss to similar programs immediately opens you up to a world of differences because we simply stand out on many facets, including with the highest payouts, an excellent support team, and a convenient trade-in process.

Can I sell a broken Nest Cam?

Your Nest Cam can have issues with its lens, storage, and a host of other problems. It could even be water-damaged and broken. Don’t worry; we will still pay you for it!

Does the offer come with any guarantee?

It sure does. You get a 14-day price lock for the custom quote you accept. The price for your Nest Cam remains the same during this period and won’t switch or change.

How do I ship my Nest Cam?

When we give you our prepaid shipping label after you accept our offer for your Nest Cam, get a good package and place it inside. With the label attached to this package, ship your Nest Cam over to us at Buyback Boss.

Do I have to sell my Nest Cam if I get a quote?

No. Not at any time will we place you under any form of obligation to sell your Nest Cam or other devices to us. In fact, you’re the one getting paid. The only thing we need you to do is to use our checkout process in order to lock in your offer.

How will I get paid for my Nest Cam?

There are two popular ways to get paid for your Nest Cam on Buyback Boss – via PayPal or Check.