Sell Monitor

With a good monitor, you will have an enhanced experience working with your computer. But like most devices, they can get broken or reach their limit, especially in terms of quality upgrades and models. Your Monitor could also be old, and much different from modern-day specs. Don’t get so worked up, though; you can sell your used, old, or broken Monitor to Buyback Boss!

Our buyback program is rated as one of the best in trade-in experiences, and the eventual payouts you receive are among the best. So if you’re ready to sell your Monitor, we’ve got your back!

Buyback Boss gives you a chance to get value for that used Monitor. What’s more, you can sell multiple, abandoned devices along with your Monitor for a bigger Check.


Get a Quote

We are not purchasing monitors at the moment. Check back later or feel free to sell another device.

How to Sell Your Monitor


Get a Custom Cash Offer

Fill out our online form with details that best explain the condition of your Monitor, and we will make you a very fast custom cash offer.


Ship Your Monitor

The custom cash offer is acceptable to you? Great! Send your Monitor to us at no shipping costs to you! Simply print out your prepaid shipping label, affix it to a package containing your Monitor, and ship it to us. Additionally, you’ll get an online tracking number so you can see how your device gets to Buyback Boss.


Get Paid

You will receive your payout via Check or PayPal. This is after we inspect your Monitor.

Why Sell to Buyback Boss?


Highest Payouts Guaranteed

Get the most cash for your old, new, and broken Monitor when you sell it to our buyback program.

Our price offers are lucrative and irresistible. Should you come across a better offer on another platform, you can send us a valid claim via email, and we will make you a better offer.


Very Fast Online Offers

Our custom cash offer for your Monitor will come in very fast. It’s worthy to note that you only have to complete the checkout process to get a quote.


Free Shipping on All Orders

Shipping your Monitor to us is 100 percent free! No part of shipping your device requires any form of payment, deductions, or transactional charges.


Safe and Secure Selling Process

Buyback Boss has spent years in the buyback industry, and our reputation precedes us. You will find that our services are safe and secure for all customers. 


Unbeatable Support Team

Our support team doesn’t need many hours to respond to you. Any issues and questions you may have are immediately handled by a well-trained support team.


Speedy Payouts

Our payouts are very fast. As soon as all the processes check out, we’ll provide your cash immediately!


Sell Multiple Devices

Have quite the number of devices you don’t need? We’ll gladly pay you for them alongside your Monitor. So if you have a used camera lens, computer, phone, and other devices, send them to us for more cash!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is my Monitor worth?

This is down to several criteria, such as the condition of your Monitor, model, and the features it packs, all of which will be provided when you fill out our online form. We will have those assessed before making you a custom price quote for what it’s worth.

As usual, brand new monitors in excellent condition will sell for the most money. But that does not mean your old, used Monitor will not be getting a nice payout as well. Even if it’s cracked or completely broken, we will offer you a fair price if you choose to sell it to our buyback program.

Is it a good time to sell my Monitor?

Is your Monitor too old, broken, or badly damaged? If your answer is yes, then it’s time to sell it to Buyback Boss. As newer models continue to spring up, your Monitor will continue to depreciate, which means the longer you hold on to it, the lower the offer you will get when you eventually decide to trade it in for cash.

Is a buyback program the best place to sell my Monitor?

Yes! But that is not because we buy used or broken devices. It’s simply the most popular way to receive some cash for your devices without engaging third parties or using listings you can’t trust.

Can I sell a broken Monitor?

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with selling a broken or water-damaged monitor. Buyback Boss will make a custom cash offer and buy it from you!

How do I ship my Monitor?

Shipping your Monitor to Buyback Boss involves accepting the custom price quote for it, pasting a shipping label on a package containing your device, and sending it to us at Buyback Boss. Note, though, that you won’t pay a penny in the name of shipping expenses.

How will I get paid for my Monitor?

This can be done via two popular ways – Check or PayPal.