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Microsoft is a brand name that resonates around a wide range of devices and applications. One of such devices is a Microsoft Laptop fit for many uses, especially if you are the kind that has tons of things to use a laptop for. Yet, it’s possible that your Microsoft Laptop could crash, become obsolete in terms of new and better upgrades, or be in use for donkey years. Well, not to worry, you can sell it to Buyback Boss for cash! How?

Buyback Boss is a program that helps people get some value for their new, broken, or worn-out devices. Just fill out details on an online form that best describes your Microsoft Laptop, and we’ll quickly give you a custom cash offer!

Accepting the offer means we will pay you immediately. In addition, you can throw in a couple of other devices, and we will pay you an even bigger Check for all!

Microsoft Laptop

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How to Sell Your Microsoft Laptop


Get a Custom Price Quote

Our custom price quotes are very fast. As soon as you fill out details of your Microsoft Laptop, we will send you what it is worth in cash!


Ship Your Microsoft Laptop

Shipping your Microsoft Laptop to us is entirely free! All you have to do is attach a shipping label to a package containing your device and ship it to us. Of course, this is after you must have accepted our offer. An online tracking number is issued to you so you can keep track of your Microsoft Laptop.


Get Paid

Upon receipt of your Microsoft Laptop, well inspect it and pay you immediately.

Why Sell to Buyback Boss?


Unbeatable Cash Offer

Buyback Boss will make you a very juicy offer for your Microsoft Laptop. In case you find a better offer somewhere else, we are ready to match the price and send you an improved offer when you send us a valid claim via email.


14-Day Price Lock

Buyback Boss has a 14-day price lock guarantee that applies to your Microsoft Laptop. Within such days the price won’t change, no matter what.


Speedy Payouts

The payout process is part of the whole fast trade-in experience on Buyback Boss. So it’s no wonder that your cash is speedily delivered.


Trusted by Over 50,000 Customers

50,000 and counting! This represents the number of people who trust us to get the deal done. You can be part of that if you want to sell your Microsoft Laptop.


Unbeatable Support Team

It’s okay to have doubts. It simply shows you want the best value for your device. This is why our customer support team works round the clock to answer all your questions.


Free Shipping on All Orders

Shipping your Microsoft Laptop and other devices to us won’t cost you a dime! Just get it to us, and we’ll do the rest.


Safe and Secure Selling Process

Our buyback program can be run straight from the comfort of your room! It’s that easy. Further, we won’t list your device or make you step out of your location.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is my Microsoft Laptop worth?

We will consider a number of things before giving you a custom price quote for your Microsoft Laptop. Some of these things include the specifications, current condition, and model of your Microsoft Laptop.

If your Microsoft Laptop is new or in excellent condition, you will be getting a better cash offer than someone with an old or broken model. There is no cause for alarm, though, as you will be getting the highest payout in the market regardless of your device’s condition when you patronize our buyback program.

 Can I sell a broken Microsoft Laptop?

Of course! This is one of the reasons why we run a buyback program. To help you get some cash for a device you may think isn’t worth your time.

Here at Buyback Boss, we will buy your Microsoft Laptop in any condition! 

Is it a good time to sell my Microsoft Laptop?

If you have a faulty, used, or broken Microsoft Laptop, this is the right time to sell it to Buyback boss.

Even if you are looking to upgrade or get a replacement device as soon as possible, you can quickly trade-in your Microsoft Laptop for the highest price and set your payout towards your next purchase.   

Do I have to pay any money to ship my Microsoft Laptop?

No. Shipping your Microsoft Laptop to us will not hurt your pocket at all. Once you complete our checkout process, you will become eligible for our free shipping service via our prepaid shipping label. It’s completely free!

How does this buyback program compare to others?

Our buyback program is rated highly and admittedly, one of the best! Others pale in comparison. Put this down to great and speedy payouts, excellent customer service, customer-centric services and incentives, free shipping, and the fact that we are safe to use.

Am I obligated to sell my Microsoft Laptop if I get a custom cash offer?

No. There’s no part of the process where you are mandated to sell your Microsoft Laptop to Buyback Boss. Rather, we’ll pay you as soon as we inspect your device.